Will These Magic Tricks Fool You?

December 21, 2014 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “Will These Magic Tricks Fool You?”
  1. Viliami Tuanaki says:

    Just looked down on the comments and it’s filled with all these yolo swag
    fags who think they’re cool because none of them “worked on them”. Please
    … if it didn’t work it means:
    -you can’t follow basic instructions
    -you can’t read
    -you’re deaf
    -you can’t comprehend things properly
    -you don’t know how to count
    -you’ve got very unreliable memory

    I know how each of the tricks work.

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    Who needs magic when you have Jesus? :D 

  3. FTWGamer :) says:

    The 3rd one is simple. Every possible answer has some word for coin. Such
    as currency, money, and change

  4. OnyxPixels says:

    For anyone that it didnt work for, it just means you need to go back to
    school and learn how to count / follow instructions. Cause no matter your
    age, it was always (coins, currency, quarters, money), and the first trick
    all the cards changed in his hand, and the second one, everyone lands on
    the same card if you count right how he told you to. Lol

  5. MasterChief02571 says:

    the first “magic trick” cannot not work, because if you look at the first
    set, none of the cards there are in the second set.

    the second “magic trick” make your secret number 2 and see how it fails.

    the third “magic trick” make your age start as 10 and watch it fail.

  6. MeinLebenmitVideos88 says:

    I THINK I know how the second trick worked. If I’m not mistaken, all or
    most of you picked the number 6 just like I did right? If you did, this is
    probably because the cards were formed in a shape very similar to that of
    the number 6, which our brains subconsciously noticed, whether you were
    looking at it or not (I was not looking at the cards when I said six, but I
    was looking just to the side of them, so they were in my peripheral vision
    field), and recognized as a number 6.

  7. Serena Guiza says:

    omg my number was 8 not lying LOL

  8. E Martinez says:

    I got toothpicks im 17 17-5=12 Lol I don’t know what I did wrong -_- 

  9. SeanG1001 says:

    I was on the 2 of Spades fuck nugget

  10. Wruce Bayne says:

    Anyone saying “This didn’t work” or “this was wrong” you are clearly a liar
    and/or don’t know how to follow simple instructions, there is no possible
    way for any of these to fail. The first one is blatant (he switched every
    card) and the other to are all about math.

    So unless you can’t follow basic instructions, it worked.

  11. Vivian Blossom says:

    I am 10 so it doesint work I tried it and if I plus 1 + 0 that is 1 and -5
    is nevigtive 4 snd if I add 10 it still doesint work halp

  12. Miguel Siewe says:

    first trick: he didn’t have a single card he had before? what was the trick

  13. Ian McClain says:

    None of them but the first worked on me. I landed on the five of diamonds,
    and the item I thought he would have was rice. The only reason the first
    trick worked was because he got completely different cards. This was dumb,
    you’re dumb buzzfeed.

  14. YourEngineer Stalker says:

    none of these worked for me.
    The last one I think I did wrong though.
    But the first two just didn’t work.

  15. Joedin Morelock says:

    The 2nd trick I picked 8 I was kinda impressed that he used my number in
    the example but then he took away the card my finger was on. 3rd trick I am
    13 1+3= 4 4-5= -1 my number wasn’t even on the list…

  16. killacam lewis says:

    1st trick: none of the cards are the same
    2nd trick: you forces to end up on it no matter what number you use…
    3rd trick: every option was covered.
    #9: coins
    #18: money
    #27: quarters
    #36: change
    #45: currency
    #54: coins
    #63: change
    #81: currency

  17. black dragon wiccan says:

    My age 31 3+1=4-5=-1 where’s my secret number? 

  18. peter howman says:

    3rd trick… what if ur 10

  19. Waddles766 says:

    It worked the first time I done it like 2 months ago but it didnt work at
    all this time. He got ALL of mine wrong… :( 

  20. Moshay Saw says:

    He got all of my cards wrong. Lol.

  21. Triston Boss says:

    The first one he had changed them all,there was none of the original cards
    after he said that yours wasn’t going to be there.The second one didn’t
    work.And the third one It was cool but I figured it out.

  22. Ryan G says:

    1) none of the cards are in there.
    2) works with any number
    3) coins shows up repeatedly

  23. beatrix törzsök says:

    He guessed none of them right 4 me

  24. Kat H says:

    The card tricks didn’t work for me? The last one did though… Did I follow
    wrong along or something?

  25. Jayme F says:

    How does this video know what i pick, i redid the first one so i could pick
    each card, EVERY TIME IT WAS GONE! WTF

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