Virtual Barber Shop (Audio…use headphones, close ur eyes)

March 19, 2015 by Admin  
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You’ll need headphones for this to work. Make sure there is no noise around, close your eyes, turn the volume up a little bit, hold and press headphone on your ears for better hearing, play…


25 Responses to “Virtual Barber Shop (Audio…use headphones, close ur eyes)”
  1. Zergonfilo says:

    i hear it nice…and i have $2 headphones 

  2. Annony Mous says:

    “Let me just put this bag over your head”
    Me: Wait wtf is this guy going to kill me

  3. Jake Long says:

    This just proves that you don’t need surround gaming headphones to hear
    from where footsteps are coming, like all headphone companies want you to
    The most important factor in orienting yourself by sounds in a game, is the
    game itself. If it has a good audio quality and a good audio engine, you
    can do just as well with your grandpa’s crappy headphones as you would with
    500$ surround ones. 

  4. BronyPersonVids says:

    Since when did Luigi become a barber and Mario become a guitar player?

  5. BRobMorris says:

    man that whisper scare the shit out of me

  6. Urbansquealer says:

    That fucking bag over my head… I had my eyes closed and I swear I felt
    Shot my eyes open I got so scared… ._.

  7. panheadgirlofskillet says:

    I just got a pretty shitty haircut. 

  8. Giuseppe Jan Jaguar says:

    Tickles and chills back of my neck and head, Idk if that was good or not..
    But it was kinda aggressive.

  9. TaserTester says:

    ATH M50 is trash, I listened to it on both and the beats solo sound so much
    better. Don’t buy the hype!

  10. NobodyinParticular says:

    It’s so terrifying if you keep your eyes open

  11. Mason Edwards says:

    Didn’t work when he said left or right ear it was completely oppisate if he
    said from left I heard from right

  12. ☣ ☆ ☆TheYoloSwagster☆ ☆☣ says:

    People with their cheap head phones need to shut the fuck up yes you can
    hear it good no problem but i can hear it better than you on my beats than
    your shit head phones i tested it my self

  13. Krista Avia says:

    Close ur eyes and listen to it with headphones not out loud 

  14. Pasu suel says:

    so, am i the only one not surprised by stereo effects?
    whats going on here? i dont get it. its 2015 , right?

  15. KT Chang says:

    I can clearly hear the left or right and close and far to the right or left
    but ALMOST none of front /back and top/bottom, now I understand why dolby
    surround or other 10 channels system exit. I have not yet hear them yet so
    I still can not tell if it works as good as left and right but I doubt it.

  16. Shreya Sharma says:

    Use your headphones and close your eyes and relax. 

  17. Lillianna C says:

    A OLD FRIEND OF MINE SHOW THIS TO ME long time ago…. close your eyes and
    listen with earphones :) 

  18. Mac Ownage says:

    Mommy says that you need to make more! Mommy can’t relax without more!
    Mommy gets mad at me!

  19. Olivia Feldberg says:


    Virtual Barber Shop (Audio…use headphones, close ur eyes):

  20. Marie Penduff says:

    those fingers snapping were way too real it scared the shit out of me

  21. DrJones694 says:

    the intro scrared the shiz out of me !!! i was listening in the dark and
    didnt know what to expect i heard the audio is amazing but was waiting for
    a song to start a i hear things all around the room lol thats crazy 

  22. Nuno Pinho says:

    Virtual Barber Shop (Audio…use headphones, close ur eyes):

    Obg +Tiago Martins​ pela experiência., brutal

  23. Controversy Owl says:

    Let me put on this abag… Now I’ll take the baga off… And now… NOW YOU

    Jk, I’m Italian.

  24. L says:

    I just closed my eyes and listened to it HOLY JUMPIN JESUS WHAT THE ACTUAL

  25. francesca x says:

    close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures

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