Vine Compilation – Magician Zach King Needs Only 6 Seconds to Melt Your Brain

February 22, 2015 by Admin  
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Want to see more like this? Follow us on Vine star and filmmaker Zach King may not perform magic in the traditional sense, but his expertly-edited six-second…


25 Responses to “Vine Compilation – Magician Zach King Needs Only 6 Seconds to Melt Your Brain”
  1. Marc Moragas says:


  2. conditionzeromaniac says:

    Good job,you know hot to edit a video…

  3. Brittany Schaubhut says:

    The ministry of magic will have something to say about this…

  4. MagicMan says:

    He is great at editing videos but by no means is he a magician.

  5. Trevor Stull says:

    Even though it’s just extremly good editing but still you have to do very
    good to make see as real as he does ;) 

  6. Art says:

    If You Only Watch One Thing Today, Make it This. Zach Will BLOW YOUR MIND!
    Read all about it and watch the video here:

    #art #artist #magic #artfido 

  7. Sandra Vázquez says:

    Obviously he’s not a magician, everybody says that because his videos are
    really amazing (sometimes, when I don’t realize the cut video) but yes,
    he’s not a magician, I just say.

  8. Unit aden says:

    like if tru tv top funniest got u here

  9. BlizzPort says:

    Transitioning fast movements.
    Magic that every video editing software can do.

  10. nicki kumah says:

    Nice camera magic

  11. HenriqueGamer7 says:

    What kind of program do you use?

  12. Sam borky says:

    hey -_- people !! is this magic ?? ….. NO ,

  13. Riley/Misty/Niko/Sakai/Lacey RP says:

    Zach King is my favorite magician of all time! Every time he comes on in 6
    second magic, MY DAD Always turns up the volume!!

  14. zebulia01 says:

    If the bubble one worked for real I would have messed with my freinds so

  15. Christina Thomas says:

    So fun to watch! Keep it coming zach!

  16. Carlos Ulloa says:
  17. Radek DePasquale says:

    Can you do at least 1 thing like this guy?

  18. Aligha Bernardino says:

    so over his “magic”videos.

  19. John Chen says:


  20. Ayelen Maldonado says:

    puedo ir a jugar?

  21. Hassan Fareed says:

    How did you recorded this 1:43

  22. jorge R says:

    He makes me happy

  23. Cruz Lee says:

    Guys search for final cut king

  24. the cat 47 says:

    melt my mind? are you stupid. i dont hate zach but you know that he skips
    the time when he do these stuff. its sooo easy to do.

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