Very Cool Beginner Card Trick

February 14, 2015 by Admin  
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Stay in touch with us on facebook! I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial of this magic trick :) We are testing out a…
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12 Responses to “Very Cool Beginner Card Trick”
  1. dark magician says:

    U act like jayjay(free magic live)

  2. JRobCards says:

    Monkey is here! 

  3. Bryce Huckabay says:

    Very cool!

  4. srimshady says:

    Woah you guys are back.

  5. Vince Yutuc says:

    You said in your video last april that you’re going to teach us showmanship
    and not specific card trick or sleight of hand. And you only made 3 videos.
    I’ve been working on showmanship but it’s really really difficult! I think
    not only for me. We are not like you who was born with natural talent in
    handling people.
    Specific card tricks are also good, but I think showmanship is more
    important to teach because many magician lack it. :) 

  6. Elijah McDowell says:


  7. Seyi Taiwo says:

    Good trick!!

  8. L3g3ndaryOREO54 says:


  9. z blaze says:


  10. Picmedude says:

    Please more videos :) you guys are awesome and I really like how y’all
    present magic compared to other magicians.

  11. WeimFam says:

    didn’t you guys post this last week?

  12. Giovanni Cheng says:

    Holy crap, I never thought you were an Asian bro! O.O

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