Uncover SECRETS With A Sneaky Mind-Reading Trick

January 23, 2015 by Admin  
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Jonny Zavant joins Brian to teach us this mind reading miracle. Spoiler alert – it’s all a dirty SCAM! What trick can you come up with using this utility mov…


25 Responses to “Uncover SECRETS With A Sneaky Mind-Reading Trick”
  1. Martha Miranda says:

    these guys are annoying and loud … but the trick is so sick ! 

  2. Brian Monteverde says:

    Can you explain how Eric Dittelman and Anthony Laye did their mind reading
    in America Got Talent and Australia Got Talent? How far you can go proving
    your audience how its done.

  3. Huy Vo says:

    Your trick does work I tried it with my mom and dad and their

  4. Yesenia Garcia says:

    I have a UV pen

  5. Anklespanker says:

    What’s with all the stupid advertisement 

  6. Kurt Gifkins says:

    got so many numbers with this

  7. cris cobain says:

    Yeah Nice one actually !! Good Job !

  8. Emma Fendesack says:

    I live in Austin! Great video btw(:

  9. Liam Fink says:

    What type of pens were those?

  10. Jason Hernandez says:

    Lol FilmRiots mad!

  11. GeneralDeath99 says:

    This was so gay, i think i just turn into a Texan

  12. Free Magic Tricks and Illusions says:

    Hiya.. How can i please advertise on your show please

  13. Răzvan Rzv says:

    Man…that’s awesome…

  14. Darius Niermann says:

    My middle name is Allen!!!

  15. Asad Panjwani says:

    LOL… that was a good one !

  16. TtexasTyler100 says:

    The guest has a snake eyes symbol on his arm

  17. trina ng says:

    I don’t get it

  18. Conneruuu says:

    what if they write the incorrect names first

  19. pieguy159 says:

    I don’t have a middle name…

  20. ch0bits says:


  21. 5splatman5 says:


  22. Nmoyd says:

    No one can die with you! Except in a plane.

  23. mikel100f says:

    How do you do it without writing anything like how dynamo does it?

  24. Em Smitley says:

    You can do this with a ballpoint pen. Just rub any kind of oil on the tip
    of a ball point pen and the first mark will be faded/lighter than the other

  25. Username says:

    sneaky sneaky trick

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