The Vanishing Coin – Magic Trick ***REVEALED***

April 23, 2013 by Admin  
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In this video make a coin vanish. This trick only take’s a bit of practice, an you will be able to master it.I think this is the best vanishing coin trick be…


8 Responses to “The Vanishing Coin – Magic Trick ***REVEALED***”
  1. MRxTelephoneMAN says:

    You could tell he took out the coin them

  2. MRxTelephoneMAN says:

    Your stupid….when the frames changed t

  3. love heart says:

    i saw it bend

  4. dennis benjamin says:

    this trick is old asss

  5. Michael Assadi says:

    haha, i know… I kinda failed…

  6. beastynewb says:

    LOLOLOLOL he couldnt open it on 1:14

  7. Mwahahaha1337 says:

    In russia, Coin vanishes you.

  8. pizzalover1234ful says:

    there is a slot for it to come out of dumb ass

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