The “Matchsticks & Money” Party Trick

February 1, 2015 by Admin  
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Here’s a little party trick you can do with 4 wooden matches, that you can use to impress your friends, or scam them out of some money. Thanks to…
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25 Responses to “The “Matchsticks & Money” Party Trick”
  1. julian flores says:

    Thanks I’ve won a hundred dollars so far 

  2. Devin Kroupa says:

    man I won like 150 dollars man my friends are dumbasses

  3. Isaiah Mongeon says:

    I couldn’t get the 2 matches to stand

  4. Mark Herrera says:

    Half of these comments r like just burned a 100 singles

  5. Alvaro Guerra says:

    The way it works, is the hot air rises while the cold air stays low causing
    the matches to rise

  6. Imelda Bejer says:

    This day is my b-day

  7. Not Important says:

    I burned 10 dollars lol

  8. Duc Phan says:

  9. Thuan Mai says:

  10. ashley neale says:

    Omg I can win £50 witn this

  11. Thuan Mai says:

    This video

  12. Arcane Warrior says:

    Dat fedora doe

  13. Mario Soleh says:

    quirckology ?

  14. Susan Tomlet says:


  15. Kerry Hammer says:

    How did he do that!?!?

  16. Duc Phan says:


  17. Resisted Gamer says:

    Just burned 100 dollars……

  18. Sedat Ates says:

    biz buralarda ona eşeğin Ziki kalktı diyoz adamlar party trick yapmış

  19. nJ RepHeater says:

    I did listened to the richest man in Babylon,I must say that this was an
    impressive book.

  20. Angie Wong says:

    You guys can try it with paper, then use money if it really works

  21. cheng mu says:

    Risky, if you do it wrong well the money might burn

  22. Angie Dauz says:

    Someone tried this trick on me. . .SHOWED THEM!

  23. beda garcia says:

    I started smelling burnt matchstick after watching this

  24. Jia Lin Cao says:

    i lose all my money eveyone knows this!!!!!!!

  25. Byron Mones says:

    this guy sounds like ssundee

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