The Lottery Illusion – Episode 3 – Nate Staniforth Magician

January 30, 2015 by Admin  
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The problem with magic. Why this will keep you awake at night. Coincidence v. Magic Tricks. Then, Nate’s greatest illusion. Join magician Nate Staniforth on …
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25 Responses to “The Lottery Illusion – Episode 3 – Nate Staniforth Magician”
  1. John Albright says:

    I’m gonna play those number.

  2. Joe Simone says:

    when you see magic live you can’t rewind it a thousand times and pick it
    apart and compare objects at different points in time. If that dude was in
    your living room with a deck of playing cards,you would poop yourself!

  3. Kenneth McGrath says:

    I’ve figured it out. Second viewing. It’s a VERY cool approach. Wow.

  4. Locust says:

    he gets the numbers first which makes it possible, if he did this without
    them saying the numbers that would be different.

  5. Weust says:

    watch the red tape on the MIC. it comes and goes.

  6. scottmuck says:

    Watched it again and I have to say the people who suspect it has something
    to do with the microphone might be right. You can simply use process of
    elimination: either A) he is really magic and made the lottery ticket
    appear (nope), B) the entire audience is in on it and the numbers were
    printed on the ticket in advance (theoretically possible, but unlikely) or
    C) the ticket was printed somewhere / somehow in real time and he uses
    slight of hand to make it look like it came out of the wallet (bingo). The
    only time he fiddles with anything is while the audience is distracted
    clapping for Chad and he goes over to retrieve the microphone, so this is
    his only opportunity to retrieve the printed ticket (doesn’t mean the mic
    literally printed it, hell he could even be wearing a small printer under
    his clothes, it is just a chance for him to redirect the audience’s
    attention) . He is definitely using some distraction / misdirection
    techniques during this time (such as putting the attention on Chad by
    handing him the microphone). At 5:20 his right arm is hidden from the
    audience and at 5:27 it looks like he is palming something. The art is in
    how skillfully he makes it look like it is coming out of the wallet.

  7. Doc Hughes says:

    You will 

  8. Frank D says:

    I wish people could just enjoy the entertainment instead of breaking it
    down as if he’s trying to fool the planet into something awful.

    jeez, it’s fuckin entertainment you uptight asses.

  9. William Crooks says:

    Great stuff!. It is unreal how some thing like this can occure?

  10. Colin den Ronden says:

    He uses Dr Who’s psychic paper.

  11. Judi B says:

    I am amazed! 

  12. matrixphijr says:

    That first audience member is the fuckin magician. My number was 27.

  13. Victor D says:

    Last night my waitress made a slip of paper appear out of a small box and
    it had the exact numbers of my credit card on it. If she was a
    professional like Nate she could have easily picked my pocket for the card
    hid the box and palmed the paper in her wallet.

  14. clockguy2 says:

    That is a pretty big microphone handle. Perhaps Obama should hire him to
    work on his birth certificate. 

  15. B. Gordon says:

    All I am saying is to watch what happens when the 5th person, a woman,
    throws the paper. The rest is simple as 1,2,3. LOL

  16. Bill Meagher says:


  17. Mehran Azizi says:

    Nice one,
    The problem with magic. Why this will keep you awake at night. Coincidence
    v. Magic Tricks. Then, Nate’s greatest illusion. 

  18. Ashtar Avatar says:

    You’re the man Nate!

  19. Steve Novak says:

    The Lottery Illusion – Episode 3 – Nate Staniforth Magician

  20. Kelley Eidem says:

    Great trick. I figured it out, but ain’t saying.

  21. Rene Malingre says:

    Couldn’t see how the microphone got there, so printed offstage by helper
    and put into microphone.

  22. Anurag Gupta says:

    haha ya, you can kinda see it when he reaches in for the ticket. His hand
    is curled up a bit.

  23. TurtleLovesTiger says:

    there is also a way to do this by psychological suggestion, using speech or
    images/symbols in the room/hallway/earlier tricks.

  24. Reza Tabibi says:

    Derren Brown sent me here, so it must be good!

  25. porky tool says:

    no one gives a shit.

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