The Healing Paper Magic Trick

April 23, 2013 by Admin  
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Simple magic trick done by armature magicians. I have made it very easy to see how I do the trick in this video so it’s easy to learn how I do it. Thank you …
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4 Responses to “The Healing Paper Magic Trick”
  1. BrightonMagicMedia says:

    @Lebgold Please read the comment below before you comment next time.

  2. lebgold says:

    the x’s aren’t similar are they….they are sooooo disimilar Mr BrightonMagicMedia FAKE!

  3. BrightonMagicMedia says:

    @MrStanTf I know I made it obvious to see how I did the trick so people that are not good at magic could get the grasp of the trick a bit easier. Thanks for commenting though.

  4. MrStanTf says:

    You can see the other pice of paper at 1.07

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