The Final 3 – Amazing Math Card Trick

January 5, 2015 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “The Final 3 – Amazing Math Card Trick”
  1. SpiritStones Creative Crafts says:

    Thankyou so much for your videos. I am new to your channel. I learnt this
    trick and sweet 16 today…. waiting for my husband to get back to do them
    with him… so cool. I keep getting this one wrong because I keep
    forgetting to pass 4 cards under…. I am also new to magic tricks… I am
    most grateful and cannot wait to see what else you have on your channel xx

  2. dorian120723 says:

    It’s funny because it works until the 3rd up-down part…all 3 cards show
    up in there! SOMEONE TELL ME WHY

  3. cardtrickman7 says:

    +dorian120723 its not working cause you didn’t take four cards from the top
    or you didn’t set the piles up right cause your facing the opposite
    direction than mismag so try placing the cards opposite from where he did

  4. Karlo says:

    hahah this is great!

  5. AZflames says:

    i have 1 card missing and i’ve tried every way to do it but it doesnt work!

  6. PhotoDesignerAJ says:

    didn’t work for me DX

  7. González Iram says:

    It´s not a math tric. It´s really more like an illution that the position
    of the cards are random. In the first stage you are really locating the
    cards in the positions 11, 27 and 43 (there are 52 cards), no matter what
    (look really close to how add the deck). Then you add 4 from the top to the
    bottom. So now you got the cards in te positions 15, 31 and 47. The trick
    is that every time you separate the deck you are taking pairs or evens, and
    in every turn you change the position of the cards from pair to none. So in
    formula will be: 52/2 = 26 26/3 = 13 13-7=6 6/2=3. You never change the
    position of the cards, the original position… so there is the trick. The
    trick will work if you start with the first bunch 14, then 15, then 15 (but
    it will lokk less dramatic). If you have any question just ask. 

  8. Charles Olisco says:

    what the heck its totaly amazing i do it always correct men hehhehehe i
    save your videos i put the link on my facebook acc in my chat box to my
    other acc your super amaizing

  9. magii beli says:

    Nice. Working!

  10. rohit kumar says:

    yes teacher finally after 2 hour of math permutation and combination i made
    its mathematical solution.
    its all about the even odd game. all the customer card at even places from
    top 6 ,24 and 32.
    request every one to place any card in that position and remember that.
    and then play the game of even odd as per the video first up== second down
    and so on…..
    the three card left are always the magic 3 one always.

  11. ivan vincetic says:

    hahah awesome xd cool trick xd:D

  12. Hamzah Tajbhai says:

    I tried it so many times and it didn’t work, help?

  13. Kyle Bishop says:

    It’s card positioning. Ten cards underneath the first ace, then fifteen
    between it and the next, and another fifteen before the next one. The cuts
    are a nice distraction from that, but the way the pile goes back together
    still keeps the same number of cards between the aces. Moving four from the
    top to the bottom just puts everything where it needs to be.

    Try this: set the cards face up in a row, with 14 cards leading the first
    ace, 15 to the next, and another 15 to the next. That should leave 5 cards
    trailing. Look and see that your aces are positioned exactly where they
    need to be for this trick to work. Remove half the cards, as in the video,
    and repeat until finished. Aces? 

  14. Tyler Campbell says:

    My sound is not working…

  15. jordan klockenga says:

    Look at other math triks and you will see themm use the same 15 card ruel

  16. Hannah Hansen says:

    it worked perfectly for me 

  17. Connor Quist says:

    You can do it with 14 15 15 but no 4to the bottom because the pile when you
    cut it’s just putting the 15 on to I the pile # scam school on YouTube 

  18. German Breedlove says:

    En español… Nunca existe ningun descuadre, ningun orden aleatorio. “las
    cartas seleccion” siempre quedan en “top”, siempre. Despues de pasar las 4
    cartas a bottom quedan en el siguente orden de top a bottom 6 – 22 – 38,
    debido a que la carta de arriba será descartada primero cuadra el deck
    automaticamente. Matematicas

  19. Vipesh Anchliya says:

    Ameging bro amazing 

  20. jack frost says:

    i have tried 3 times and i was successful at the 2nd time

  21. Son Pericles says:

    It forces you to cut piles 2 and 3 into an odd number each time because you
    can only split 15 unevenly

  22. Marco L. Lucas says:

    positions 10 26 and 42 are really incredible!!! The rest is false cuts and
    one swing at the end !

  23. Tika Lamichhane says:

    yes it works i have tried it more than 10 times i am so supriesed ;) 

  24. Leanna Chun says:

    My friends were like “Whaaaaaaaaaa? The…….”

  25. junior m izerey says:

    cause you have an uneven amount of card in each pile after you cut
    and since there is an even amount of card in the deck, only the even or the
    uneven ones are upside or down

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