The Escherian Stairwell

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25 Responses to “The Escherian Stairwell”
  1. Joshua Benedict says:

    Where did the hand of the boy in red shirt go in 3:46-3:47 when he goes
    downstairs? 0.o

  2. Brian Koberlein says:

    *Science and Non Science*

    This video is on RIT’s Escharian Stairwell. The Escharian Stairwell is a
    stairwell that loops back upon itself. So if you walk up a flight of stairs
    you find yourself back where you started. It’s inspired by M. C. Escher’s
    Ascending and Descending. At this point you probably recognize that the
    stairwell is nonsense. The video was created as the project of an RIT
    graduate student. It is well done, but clearly not real. Surprisingly (or
    perhaps not surprisingly) many people think it is.

    I’ve watched this project unfold because Kevin in the video is my friend +Kevin
    Schoonover He’s an actor, photographer, puppeteer, and graphic designer,
    as well as the creative director for the +Prove Your World project I’m a
    part of. As a result I’ve watched the video go from obscure post to viral
    hit. I’ve had students ask about the stairwell. I’ve been asked about how
    it works. While most people recognize it as nonsense, there are enough
    people taking it to be real that it now has its own Snopes page.

    The video is an excellent demonstration of the power of visual
    storytelling. That power is part of the reason I’m a part of Prove Your
    World. But it also shows the challenge of communicating science to the
    general public. There are compelling videos that show evolution is wrong
    and global warming is false, for example, and it is much harder for the
    non-specialist to separate science from non-science in these videos. They
    can be countered by equally compelling videos on the science behind
    evolution and global warming, but are they enough?

    In a world driven by social networks and visual presentations, how do we
    ensure that scientific literacy is enhanced rather than diminished? Is it
    enough to present honest science in a clear and understandable way?

    I don’t really have an answer, but the success of this video makes me
    wonder if we should work harder to communicate science as an engaging story
    with powerful visuals.

  3. Pete McMullen says:

    Below is an example of a staged viral video. When first watching this
    video, it seems to be fake. But I wonder how a prestigious college such as
    RIT could promote and upload a video like this. It is interesting how they
    interview students to make it seem real. Pretty funny stuff! 

  4. 2s7a2m7 says:

    At least tell people it’s fake at the end…otherwise you’re promoting
    scientific illiteracy in some people.

  5. Nisrina Pridea says:

    the incredible thing… complicated to explain.
    whatever… I hope it’s real .

  6. En. Eddy says:

    MISTAKE !!!! at minute 3.47. Lefthand boy in the wall.

  7. RossyBrah _ says:

    pause at 4:54, his right hand has rather one or two rings, when he goes
    ‘down’ and gives him respect at 5:05 , right hand has 0 rings, maybe he
    decided to take them off within 10 seconds, OR maybe its all just bullshit

  8. Devesh Jaitley says:

    very irritating background music.

  9. Santi Maspons Bonet says:

    Interesting fake!

  10. Naiuhz says:

    “Now you’re thinking with portals!”

  11. Ebrahem Alandijani says:
  12. Nury Vittachi says:

    What I can’t work out is that if these people are scholars, why is this so
    astonishingly badly explained?

  13. goodmorning1221 says:

    There are giant robots smashing our planet in “Transformers”. And it looks
    dead real.
    So a couple of twins actors along nice timed cuts won’t make me believe
    there is a magical stair making you go down while you’re going up. FAKE.

  14. DoThatAgainMagic says:

    Fake look at 3

  15. ahmad bashah arnia suhaimi says:
  16. Suko Tjahjono says:


  17. PuiBongo says:


  18. epiClip says:


  19. Hansel B. says:

    I saw it in Inception Movie

  20. Cameron Green says:

    3:47 till me if that isn’t fake look carefully at the bottom at the boy’s

  21. 钟艺琴 says:

    does anyone have idea to solve this problem

  22. Akhila C.R says:

    All those who see this video at first believes that its true!! Just for a
    silly project that guy is fooling a lot of people on facebook and you
    tube.. !!! and they start searching and find that its really SO SO FAKE..

  23. Kathryn Mrema says:

    ds z so cool

  24. Long Tale Animation says:

    Think about it people, if this was real, more building would be built this
    way to bring huge tourist attraction. But Amazing trick though.

  25. vishnu prathab says:

    does anyone have idea to solve this problem

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