The 3 Thing String Trick – Easy Magic With Quick Reset

April 17, 2015 by Admin  
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CLICK HERE Video #110 at Julian’s Magician School. Here’s a new presentation for a classic magic trick that I don’t even know the…
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25 Responses to “The 3 Thing String Trick – Easy Magic With Quick Reset”
  1. celeste Muranty says:

    Stop being negative. This is a great channel!

  2. Haakonboyvg2003 says:

    I mean you are a git that knows nothing

  3. Haakonboyvg2003 says:

    You are a git that keno was nothing

  4. C.J H.S says:

    I like dog gon empty

  5. Kayla Mark says:

    not even magic u idiot! booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bakasify says:

    one of my favorites!

  7. Bartholomew Simpson says:

    While not too advanced, I guarantee you that I have done some of the things
    he has on this channel for many adults, on the street and in parlors and
    they have worked GREAT ! I think this will be another one that will work
    very well no matter where you perform it. And, as he said, I think everyone
    will want to examine the bag which will make this even better, since they
    can examine the bag all they want.

  8. Hayley Lim says:


  9. adam clark says:

    Thank you julian. You give really good instructional vids, clear and easy.
    Ive learnt loads of awesome magic tricks from you. Adam

  10. speshguy72 says:

    Does it work with wool?

  11. Julian's Magician School says:

    go to my all video playlist and you will find a few there :-)

  12. Jonathan O' Keeffe says:

    Hey CLASS!! That’s soo cool. Is the string costly. Or does it cost as much
    as a regular. Thanks. I’ve never heard of that string before. Hopefully
    I’ll find it in tesco or somewhere. :) great video

  13. Lewis Lee says:

    Actually that’s unlucky!

  14. RyanMashederOfficial says:

    Hey Julian, Can you do some more Advanced Street/close up magic?:) Maybe
    some DYNAMO street tricks?:)

  15. hi im Batman says:

    hi nice to meet you, your cool

  16. wareagle0414 says:

    Very cool i just put one on here called worlds greatest magic trick

  17. Ajay Eric says:

    i give thumbs up

  18. Anthony L says:


  19. Alisa Ascension says:

    anyone wonder what’s in the big bag of incredibility?

  20. Andy Ags says:

    i love ur films

  21. speshguy72 says:

    What thickness does it need to be?

  22. MrCarsonisboss says:


  23. Uliks Krusha says:

    You have a funny face :-D

  24. phineasandferbrock65 says:

    Great trick,ima try this

  25. speshguy72 says:

    I would like to see the one person that disliked this do magic tricks

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