Television is a Weapon! Mind Control through TV Black Magic and Sigil Magik

April 11, 2015 by Admin  
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12-12-13 – Birth of a New Earth TV on The People’s Voice – Jeanice Barcelo interviews Bonnie and John Mitchell from about television mind control, black magic, sigil…


14 Responses to “Television is a Weapon! Mind Control through TV Black Magic and Sigil Magik”
  1. IceManLikeGervin says:

    It’s (movies, tv, music, video games, sports, etc) just entertainment-

    Enter (enter, come into)

    Tain (to hold, possess)

    Ment (a state of)

    In other words it can be defined as to enter into, to possess & to keep an
    individual(s) in a state of possession as a fan (fanatic- a person marked
    or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause) of said
    entertainment and/or entertainer.

    To be a living vessel for wicked fallen spirits via one’s own consciousness
    on a direct and subliminal level- where do thoughts come from that just pop
    into our mind?

    To emulate sinful trends, fashions & fads implemented under the guise of
    artistic expression while acting out on said fanatical impulses, tenets
    contained-promoted within said entertainment and/or by said entertainer.

    The most powerful weapon of the oppressors (power elite) are the minds of
    the oppressed (citizens) as the finish line is control of your body, soul
    & mind.

  2. c2quick4u says:

    Jesus is the only Way

  3. IceManLikeGervin says:

    Media =s Medium =s Hypnotizing Minds

  4. Universal Mother says:

    Television is a weapon.

  5. TruthSeekingElf says:

    An excellent show!! This information is needed MORE than all others at
    this time. TV IS mind control, TV IS evil. Thank you all so very much for
    this vital information.

  6. Aquarius M says:

    Great interview. Thank you;)

  7. SavannahVegan said says:

    Excellent !!! So informative and eye opening Thank you!

  8. Aquarius M says:

    The air swoosh reminded me of a happy face, not Nike. Thank goodness lol. 

  9. Jeanice Barcelo says:
  10. Jasmine Martin says:

    Brilliant interview, Jeanice. Thank you

  11. Rick Heskey says:

    Good video ;-) thank you, I have been cutting back on the amount of
    television I watch to mabe less than 1 hour per day not only because it’s
    all basically commercials but because of the negative energy it gives off I
    guess the best way to describe it is a soul sucker ;-) the aim is to
    completely cut back as I don’t feel it’s essential anymore and it only
    serves as a hindrance to the human mind.

  12. Emma Diva Official says:


  13. SovereignFOTL says:

    i remember Alan Watt talking about the mnemonic circles back in 2008 saying
    he noticed them in the backdrop of films, he didn;t develop this theme
    though as the Mitchells have done, and then a few months later a former CIA
    operative phoned his show and told him and listeners that w/ digital HD now
    installed NEVER to watch TV, he didn’t expand on the whys and wherefores

    you can hear it in a 3 minute clip on YT – ‘Alan Watt – CIA never watch
    television’ or similar

  14. SovereignFOTL says:

    Yes, and we wudda gotten away with it if it wasn’t for this meddling
    couple, now our plans lie in ruins

    good interview, i’ve already heard all their others uploaded to YT,
    including their first one with you Janice

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