Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

May 1, 2015 by Admin  
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What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? Our hidden camera experiment captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a telekinetic event.


24 Responses to “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise”
  1. CarrieNYC says:
  2. Mikela P. says:

    Cribbio guardate questo’ ‘ scherzo’ ‘ atroce ahahahahsh ahahahah ahahahahsh

  3. Nihal Gülbahar says:

    *Etkileyici bir kamera şakası…*
    *BÜYÜK GIR-GIR! :) ))*

  4. Chriss RE says:

    I would be like Mehhh . Just like My Ex on her period.

  5. WOLFINX says:


  6. Jackie Burroughs Anderson says:



  7. Randy Clark says:

    I love the reaction of the black folks in this video. Black people know
    there’s some spooky shit in this universe and you shouldn’t fuck with it. :D That’s why, while the white people are standing there paralyzed and
    staring, the black people are moving towards the door and saying, “I’m
    outta here!” 

  8. daireyou says:

    I have that kind of power since kid, I remember when I’m still young I’m
    sitting outside our house and staring on the leaves and it’s moved.

  9. XiBlazeeX says:

    No one noticed the big, shiny clip and rope on his back? No? Ok.

  10. EpicDisclosure says:

    why am i crying to this?

  11. jlindsa says:

    saw this ages ago but it is sooo timeless haha

  12. MouthToAss Resuscitation says:

    Great so they gave telekinetic powers to a moody bitch. You accidentally
    damaged my computer I will smash you against a wall

  13. halcyon daze says:

    I purposely didn’t watch the movie because I didn’t want to fall prey to
    viral marketing.

  14. Subtracting says:

    lol these people are fucking stupid its hurting my brain i would have just
    sat there

  15. Miro aj says:

    I can actually do that for real 

  16. Josh Thakbal says:

    May the power of pizza compels you.

  17. Rob Degrey says:

    Doin’ Carrie…Like a boss.

  18. Samantha Weston says:

    How come no one at all sees that the man has a cord attached to him are
    they blind it’s really cool though 

  19. Chilly Willy says:

    Así hasta en el personaje del Pingüino me puedo convertir… Jejejejje 

  20. Isha Justine says:

    telekinetic coffee shop surprise

  21. George Seth says:

    …still a favorite!

  22. Cheesebuscus says:

    If I had telekinesis all would be doomed. :D 

  23. xbox360guy19 says:

    Swear the first thing came to my mind was Carrie and it just so happen the
    trailer of that movie shows at end of the video o.o!!!!!!

  24. BloodHardCandy says:

    1:04 ”get out of my way”? what was she preparing to walk to the wall? lol

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