Taikuutta koirille – Magic for dogs

December 31, 2014 by Admin  
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Part 2 here: http://youtu.be/okuwB9zrncg Do dogs react to magic? Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses. By the…


25 Responses to “Taikuutta koirille – Magic for dogs”
  1. Jose Ahonen says:

    More dog magic I did for Petcentric: http://youtu.be/GI7EyXrNh2I

  2. Jose Ahonen says:

    Sälli fought a badger because it stole his food:

  3. Dryued says:


  4. MrAvidLearner says:

    That shiba’s barking “Sorcerer! Sorcerer!”

  5. TheKille22 says:

    I like Torsti. He is like: “Where is ti?” (than looks at the camera), “What
    the fuck guys?” and looks back at the guy probably thinking “Fuck you

  6. dru. says:

    Omg this is so cruelty. Those dogs were tricked I hope u gave them it after
    or else I will kill u when you sleep. 

  7. 123leyang321 says:

    Oh, my, that was adorable. XD
    Some were all like: “Yay! Snack! Wait… Snack? Snack? Where did you go?”
    While others were like: “NOOOOO! What did you do to snack?!”
    And then there was the one that was like: “Oh, you ate my snack, didn’t
    you? You little sneaky you.”

  8. TheWartHawg says:

    Awesome stuff man. Dunno what’s funnier. That they look for it, that that
    attack you playfully as if to say “you got me”, or that they run from you
    as if you are evil. All fantastic reactions. 

  9. Alexa Casallo says:

    OMG! the funniest were nakke, he was like “wat,the fuck just happen? ok,
    not funny. r u guys kidding me? do u think is funny? i know is right here.
    srly? where is it? como’n man, where is it?” IS HILARIOUS

  10. Calm Down says:

    Very simple rubber band trick. Treat is pulled into the sleeve. I just
    tried this with my dogs and only little one was disappointed. Big one
    smelled the traces and found it.

  11. Berjaya Youth says:

    #animal This is so mean but so cute!

  12. Quinten Kiekens says:

    fun fact: all the dogs are named after ikea furniture

  13. Satak Tuntip says:

    Very funny

  14. DoomiePookie says:

    This is fake!! The dogs are all paid actors. 

  15. Little Things says:

    Oh Wow…

    Please Follow : +Interesting Videos 

  16. Moe Baller says:

    Nakke the German was not happy lol.

  17. CocoCrispy1337 says:

    Sälli was soooo confused, ahhh poor baby!

  18. Eric Scanlan says:

    Salli: “Foul magic! Burn the witch!”

  19. Aaron Alexander says:


    ~✿ღ Please Follow: +Interesting Videos 


    0:31 “Bitch please”…

  21. Mitanai Seiji says:

    muito engraçado… ri muitos arco-íris, fofos e coloridos…

  22. Ivana Barbaric says:

    Taikuutta koirille – Magic for dogs: http://youtu.be/VEQXeLjY9ak

  23. Maria Fernanda says:

    Torsti is like ” imma outta this shit” xD

  24. Eronux says:

    aww, can anyone please tell me what type of dog “Salli” at 1:26 is? She’s
    so adorable C:

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