super Ultra mega hard magic trick !!

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This magic trick is crazzzzzzy :D .

Houdini Magic Ultra Mental Deck

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How Do I Make My Ex Crawl Back To Me? – Ultra Effective Ways Which Work Like Magic

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How Do I Make My Ex Crawl Back To Me? – Ultra Effective Ways Which Work Like Magic

Your ex might have broken up with you but there are several ways by which you can literally get your ex to crawl back to you. Unfortunately, breaking his/her legs is not a solution at all but be sure to check these other tricks that are fully legal.

The trick that always works is to transform your body into a hotter version of yourself. After the breakup do not allow your precious tears to flow down the drain.

Instead, get a makeover that will knock both feet of your ex right into his/her mouth. This will leave your ex speechless and envelop him/her in a feeling of regret of having broken up with you.

Another trick is to act as if you are okay with the breakup and have shoved it under the carpet.

Get back into the daily grind called life and concentrate on everything except your breakup. This will unnerve your ex as he/she will now assume that you could slip out of his/her fingers permanently.


Another cool trick is to get your ex to remember the good times you had in the past while you were entwined in each other’s lusty arms. You can also remind your ex about the wonderful places that you might have visited together.

This is sure to get your ex in a nostalgic frame of mind and remind him/her that if he/she truly wants to enjoy those moments again then a reunion is the only way in.

The last trick is to arouse jealous thoughts within your ex. Act as if you are back on the dating scene and act out a date with a close friend.

This will force your ex to writhe in jealousy and induce your ex to act quickly to win you back.

These 4 tricks will certainly force your ex to start crawling in your direction and you can simply wait for your ex to turn up at your door with a pleading look on his/her face.

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