The Chinese lantern – Magic Trick Revealed

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Chinese Washing Magic Trick – revealed now at!

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Filed under Learning Magic Tricks presents the the famous Chinese Washing trick. This one blows people’s minds but the secret is so simple! You can do it – but how?…
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Halloween 2012 – Magic Tricks for Kids (Tricks With Chinese Sticks)

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Easy Magic Tricks for Kids – Tricks with Chinese Sticks- as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin, and I am the owner of R.T. Clown. F…

James Michael – Chinese Animal Magic Trick

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I was on the Ruby Princess and I made an interactive magic trick with comedian-magician James Michael. It involves the chinese zodiac and can be done at your computer.

Chinese David Blane Magician Does The Most Incredible Trick! (Hand Thru Glass)

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His Hand Goes STR*8 THRU!!!! lol Follow ME @SkullGizzy
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Chinese Coin Magician

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Some amazing coin magic with a mindblowing final trick.
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Ghosty Nail Laser Beam Edition Electronic Psychic Mental Magic trick china chinese magician

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Chinese Fat Burning Tricks

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Chinese Fat Burning Tricks

Article by Lisa Yu

Chinese fat loss secrets are often surrounded by mystery and interest by those not born in Asia. As a Chinese woman who has trained people how to lose weight for many years using the same straightforward tricks my Mother taught my Sisters and I all our lives I can tell you the “secret” is pretty simple to stick to to get the shape of your desires!

Chinese Weight Reduction Tricks

To begin, I generally tell clients in my Skinny Asian Diet weight reducing program that they’re not going to get their sexy bikini-body in a bottle of pills.

They’re also not going to find it by pursuing the latest and greatest diet trend they saw on “Oprah” or some other show. As an example: How did those “acai berry” and other similar nonsense solutions work out for you towards losing weight? Exactly. All hype, big money wasted, and NO results.

To really slim down you have to discover strategies that have been used by millions of women over generations with success, not the next “hot” fad-diet. Train your brain to resist the advertising ripoffs and deals that appear too good to be valid. They do NOT work, and will only make you shed weight in your bank account!:)

Asian Women are Skinny Because…

…they adhere to a range of tricks and techniques that enable them to lose weight quickly even after just giving birth!

Today I want to supply you with one basic tip that comes so effortlessly to most Asian women that they don’t even think about it. I’m talking about the selections we make when we get food out, or cook at home, or buy something out of the cafeteria at work.

For the following week I want you to concentrate on making a healthy and organic protein-based food the center of what goes on your plate at every meal. Chicken, lean meat, tofu, soy, fish, and vegetables, are the perfect way to ramp up your metabolic process so that you’re losing weight even while you’re asleep at night.

Cut back on starches like potatoes or french fries, get rid of any sugars you’re enticed by (don’t worry, you’ll be able to eat them no problem once we get your metabolism where it needs to be), and take out the white breads and pastas from your regimen.

Focus on lean proteins, seasoned any way you like (watch the salt please), and you will be stunned at how simple it is to burn fat even without exercises.

The True Chinese Weight Loss Magic Formula

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This one sounds odd but it’s fun, click the link to find out about how to drop 1 stone fast. For extra information on the three Day Diet click the hyperlink.

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