Reel Magic Episode 15 (Dan & Dave Buck)-

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The Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck (trailer)

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More Info: Join Free Check out just SOME of the tricks tricks On this disc, you will learn powerful walk-around magic that can be done anywhere at anytime, surrounded, and with a normal deck of cards. Card Across A selected card is left protruding from half the deck in your left hand while the other half remains in your right hand. Instantly and without the packets ever touching their card vanishes and reappears protruding face-up in the right hand packet. The card can be signed! Fission for Aces An eight is turned face up on top of the deck. In a splitting action, the eight is ripped into two fours of matching color. One of the fours is handed out, as the remaining four is this time split at the fingertips into two two’s. Lastly, as you can imagine, a two is split into two aces. This quick trick is extremely visual — everything is done at the fingertips. Collectors We’ve taken this classic and usually boring effect and given it STYLE. Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. As the four aces are magically produced, the selections mysteriously appear between them. This is as visual as it gets. Swiss Made Here’sa remix of the classic ‘Back in Time’ effect by Steve Freeman. If you know the Freeman trick, just imagine it with a face-up card and you’ve imagined this trick, seriously. In this effect you’ll learn the DB Spin Change, the most visual change we’ve created and probably the easiest too! Sixty Nine The coolest packet

Super Crazy Buck Nasty Magic Trick

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Tyler Stofferan teaches a “Super Crazy Buck Nasty Magic Trick”. It may be labeled a “howto”, but it would be a better comedy.
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