Special Head Levitates and Shocks the Crowd – America’s Got Talent

December 20, 2014 by Admin  
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Can Special Head concentrate enough to pull off his stunning feat? Find out! » Subscribe: http://full.sc/IlBBvK » Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/americas-…


24 Responses to “Special Head Levitates and Shocks the Crowd – America’s Got Talent”
  1. Jason Han says:

    The stick connects through a rod that is a chair hidden in his clothing.
    The pole is connected to the carpet which is a metal surface. And in the
    end, the flash is to distract the audience from hearing and seeing the pole
    disconnect from his clothing and the carpet. Im really fun at parties 

  2. spawn cpy says:

    he’s not levitating. Only real monks can do it

  3. Nerves Concord says:

    I hate American audiences, they’re like anti-culture sheep. That being said
    this illusion is so common and mind numbingly easy to figure out I wish the
    guy had done something fresh with it.

  4. ComplexGamer says:

    What really scares me is that it isn’t fake because he walked in will all
    he’s stuff and if he was to float in a fake way he would require assistance
    and wires carrying him and he walked in too

  5. Hashi says:

    His wife would give him head while he was levitating. — That’s how he got
    his nickname. (Special Head)

  6. LuneyTune72 says:

    Special Head, more like Special Ed. Am I right? (audible “boooo”)

    But seriously, this act is mind-numbingly retarded and the staged “where is
    the performer?” shtick at the beginning is so fucking cringeworthy. I hate
    this show.

  7. HupfDole87 says:

    look at all these morons, standing up, booing and crossing there arms and
    the second he pulls that trick out of his sleeve they go nuts and aplaude
    like they were on his side to begin with! screw them, they got the patience
    of a 3 year old and the mentality of brainless zombies!

  8. Afghan Khan says:

    Why not try without stick otherwise sorry mate anyone can do that.

  9. UCTV! says:

    You are all just jelly of Special Head’s skillz. Get #rekt scruberino’s.

  10. lekoman says:

    One of the oldest illusions in the book. You can Google how its done. Not
    even artfully executed. No twist. Just a straight up thing you can learn in
    any of about 1000 different books or online.

  11. Bracci says:

    yeah I can see performers like this in the streets, not that big deal (but
    yeah it’s spectacular)

  12. ProtectAndServe22 says:

    Maybe he had a stool and mirrors under that dress?

  13. Tina Rider says:


  14. iCoNiC-Gaming says:

    If you know how this trick works, he just looks incredibly constipated

  15. daboodeef179 says:

    Anyone can levitate, you just need training from the right people. Look up
    Red Elk.

  16. Mew says:

    He is sitting on a platform that has a metal pole throug his arm and to his
    tree pole and at the bottom of the tree pole its another platform.

  17. Leonardo Oliveira says:

    That’s a pretty easy trick…

  18. tychoswebwereld says:

    The bar is placed in a specific spot and then he connects the steel bar
    (right sleeve 2:59) = levitation

  19. jeffmcgaming says:

    yes we all know it is fake “ahhh look the stick” you must feel proud of
    yourself for figuring that one out. The point of the act was to entertain
    and I was entertained it was pretty funny don’t ruin it by trying to be

  20. lucus vision says:

    I know exactly how he done it,did anyone notice how he stood on his toes
    before he all of sudden pop up in the air and the staff he had was placed
    securely in a hole in the table,while he jump on the paddle leading from
    the staff,it’s that simple,all was hidden under his robe.

  21. monkeyjr58 says:

    His facial expression makes me laugh so hard and that higher pitch noise me
    makes lmao i lose it every time 

  22. ExoticZac says:


  23. Equinsu Ocha says:

    I remember seeing an Indian shaman do this for the town folk in a really
    old issue of national geographic. like before the internet old. After the
    towns folk left he showed the film crew how he did it. scoff.. magic

  24. Parssa Alimadad says:

    Hadouken! – Levitate

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