Some kid doing crazy card tricks at the mall

April 11, 2015 by Admin  
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Kid cam up to us at the mall and asked us if we wanted to see some illusion tricks but more like card tricks but pretty cool.
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25 Responses to “Some kid doing crazy card tricks at the mall”
  1. zan colja says:

    This guy should really work on the double lifts… If u want to perform in
    public u need to know how to make a person laugh and be confident which
    this guy has but also before going in public u need to be 100% prepared to
    pull the trick off. So those double lifts were not that good. He should try
    push off double lift which is the most convincing one. But the performance
    was still good though. But if you are a magician yourself you can see the
    mistakes he made. Anyways it looked like he impressed people so good job!

  2. 7j557j7j5 says:

    His tricks are low-grade beginners stuff that you learn from a “easy magic
    for dummies” book. BUT in his defence, he was a great entertainer, he has
    great patter, and when he said “sweet I’ll go to the arcade” regarding the
    spare change. Now that’s magical.. Ah, to be young again..

  3. Josh Fitzgerald says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you people he is like 14 and you’re saying
    stuff like he sucks. and hes annoying. first of all I don’t see any videos
    of you people performing magic in public so you can’t really judge this one
    person. I practice magic everyday and the stuff I say when I perform a
    trick but when I actually do it to strangers 9 times out of 10 I forget
    everything I rehearsed saying. because you get nervous in front of
    strangers and you start getting sloppy. If you can honestly say that as a
    kid performing magic you could pull off a perfect double lift and talk with
    as much confidence as David Blaine. You are full of shit. Second some of
    you say they’re beginner tricks. Well so what. I’m in High school and I
    still do tricks I found on YouTube. Do you know why, because before I got
    into magic I was a bullied and picked on and I needed something to make
    people like me so I bought a bicycle deck of cards from Walmart,went on
    YouTube, and learned as many tricks as possible and when I saw this video
    before I knew how he performed all these tricks I thought it was amazing,
    because I had no idea how they were done. and that’s what you have to
    remember. Unless you are a magician you don’t know what a double lift is.
    You don’t see how someone can force a card. so don’t try and insult this
    kid when he is trying to brighten people’s day and make them believe in
    something that isn’t real. Because no matter how bad you think he is. At
    the end of the day he just a kid and he amazed total strangers in a mall

  4. kyle lozinski says:

    I actually admire this kid because I’m around his age and like magic, but I
    wouldn’t have the courage to control a crowd like that while making jokes
    and making a profit

  5. Medic Andy says:

    Props to this kid! He’s pretty cool 

  6. Exiled Gengar says:

    Great, except for the swagfag outfit, but good for his (what looks like) 14
    year old age.

  7. seth Jim says:

    what the hell is he talking about with the percentages 

  8. 148MrSam says:

    I’m not trying to be rude, but this kid needs to start advancing more in
    magic. You can’t just go around performing effects you learnt off YouTube
    all the time! Like I said, I’m not being mean as maybe he had stepped up a
    bit since this video. But if he hasn’t, he needs to, and fast.

  9. Kaitlyn Amanda says:

    His tricks aren’t the most spectacular and anyone with knowledge in sleight
    of hand will know exactly what he’s doing, but his performance skills are
    great. The backbone of any performance, though, is his ability to control
    where the crowd’s looking with misdirection. I’m sure he’s better now, but
    he has more charisma than misdirection in this video, having more control
    will let him do bigger and better sleights and performances. Awesome job,

  10. TheChristianPothead says:

    Wow! I wish i had the courage to do that. The most important thing he got
    down to a T, was being totally confident and relaxed. 

  11. Epic Sauce says:

    Not gonna try to make fun of him but he just did some amateur double lifts
    and i gaurantee you that I can do more than that,

  12. Diego Uy says:

    Lol, the first few were easy double lift tricks xD He’s terrible at
    execution. but hey! He’s just a kid xD

  13. RadarorLeo says:

    im not mad or upset that this kid is performing and being a beginner what
    really got me mad was that he asked for change when he just went on youtube
    and searched up magic tricks and probably practiced for 2 days..

  14. EricoSWE says:

    um… All he did at the first trick was a dubble lift. 

  15. GameHunter says:

    0:02 I just figured out this trick 

  16. Shayne White says:

    Ik all those tricks there entry level tricks

  17. makky makky says:

    good trick,but is easy trick

  18. Fikret Kasalar says:


  19. le duc hieu says:

    Pls practice more on the double lift, pls,for the first effect, don’t put
    the second under their shoe, just wave and wave above it and the last one,
    pls, these are not crazy tricks

  20. Yoda Man says:

    Listen this kid performed all of these tricks wonderfully and I do most of
    those tricks and he did them amazingly

  21. timothy king says:

    Good job kid. Keep up the good work. The point of magic is to impress and
    amaze an audience of any kind. Which from what i saw was achieved.
    Fortunately, it was not performed in front of the professional magic
    critics committee that have blessed us with their comments below. 

  22. Ryan Daly says:

    I agree those tracks were some of the first ones I’ve learned I’ve been
    doing for two years and those were the first ones I’ve learned are not very
    good and work on your double lift

  23. ben crusoe says:

    so just that he could do ?? send him to go home and drink a lot of milk.He
    just doing much more doublelift in this videos

  24. xxtexansxx44 says:

    These tricks are so easy

  25. Elijah Is Back In Town says:

    you should see me go out and hustle with some real cards and some real card
    tricks that are not known at all i,m not trying to be mean but go and do
    some real tricks!!!! i,m only 14 and i,m real,y good and i just started
    when i was 11 and i known forty card tricks that are not off YouTube at all
    i got them the real way off the street i,m old school.

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