Smoothini: Bar Magician SECRET REVEALED Flies Through Amazing Tricks – Americas Got Talent

April 24, 2015 by Admin  
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This trick was done on Americas got talent I own none of the films filmed by AGT but I do own the explanation to the tricks that smoothini did Subscribe here…
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25 Responses to “Smoothini: Bar Magician SECRET REVEALED Flies Through Amazing Tricks – Americas Got Talent”
  1. Chopper Illusion says:

    Skip to the secret at 3:25

  2. Tyler McDermott says:

    You a ducking dumbass

  3. مصطفى الناصر says:

    still we gota admit he was fast enough to shock us

  4. Chopper Illusion says:

    If you do not want to no how the tricks are done then do not watch this
    I only am doing this for the people who like to know the explanations

  5. PoPsTaRgLiTtEr .SesshoumaruNarakuPureLove says:

    …………….It amazes me how people don’t let it go. Who won’t let
    others say their thoughts and they have to fight against it.

  6. Deonte Williams says:

    Ppl like u have nothing better to do huh y ruin someone else’s fame cuz u
    can’t get your own

  7. KataangFan221 says:

    The way you point it out is quite well done, to think something that can
    amaze people at such close range is actually from some rather simple,
    well-practiced slight of hand and some useful props is quite something. X3

  8. WingChroniam says:

    I feel like Magic should be a different tier in these shows. Judges are
    easily amazed if they cannot explain how to do it.

  9. Gwyn Santiago says:


    Hey why do you all know the terms about magic ?? Misdirection, palming
    system, and a simple prop thumb tip as well. Were you a magician too ???!
    You are one who does not respect the art of magic !!! So how are you ?? You
    reaveled these shits so you feel you are now a superstar, aren’t you ??!
    Many magicians will be fuck if they watch this !!… Enjoy ur life dumbass

  10. MrGeary08 says:

    i could have explained the tricks lol its how well it was performed that
    was great! It was… Smooth

  11. Xagent86X says:

    Why can’t people just enjoy magic??

  12. Nicola Gmagic says:

    this is shit don’t expose magicians, you are like the guy from now you see
    me who ended up in JAIL

  13. Marcel Ahmed says:

    OMG. Your grammar is bothering me sooooo much!!!!!! CAPITAL ON THE I!!!

  14. damienator85 says:

    idk f any1 else notice but wen he does the drink part look at his rite hand
    how he keeps it facin dwn then after u see him puttin the thumb bak n his
    pocket wat makes it an illusion is how fast he moves

  15. Mayzerify says:

    See thecard hand flick the audience to his right said they didnt see
    anything sooo and why would they lie no benifit to them

  16. Mohamed Asiouty says:

    no more comment except u are dumb , we all know that , but the hardest
    thing is to do that infront of people with that good of smooth

  17. noenoe nerway says:

    haha everyone that is here should thank this guy for revealing it but
    instead they hating on him… why did you watch the video or even come on
    this video if you dont wanna know how he did it .. he has a live and he is
    doing a great job with it cuz as you see he got 2million views and almost
    10k likes :) P.S those tricks are really easy

  18. Omar Farique says:

    Wow you got a really sharp eyes

  19. Multi Bear says:

    His execution is flawless though

  20. 8Pabs8 says:

    Thanks, now I can finally R.I.P. lol.

  21. Em Em says:

    I knew about the thumb tip already. 

  22. chris p says:

    wow didn’t even show us the part where he droped the deck on the counter im
    still fucking sonfused

  23. Alex LeGeek says:


  24. A Wag says:

    Still confused on how he put 2 sponge balls in Mel B’s hand and how he made
    it disappear in his hands even though he flipped both hands over

  25. GeekyMushroom says:

    There is always a ‘trick’ but it’s the skill that the magician uses to
    display his craft. The hours and hours and hours of practice. This in no
    way minimizes his skill and accomplishment, he is just smooth…..

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