Slap, Hug or Kiss! Kissing Prank – Kissing Strangers – Kissing Game – Pranks 2014 – Public Pranks

February 14, 2015 by Admin  
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Prank & Pranks…Slap, Hug or Kiss! Kissing Prank – Kissing Strangers – Kissing Game – Pranks 2014 – Public Pranks ➨ Kiss after kiss this is our favorite one…


25 Responses to “Slap, Hug or Kiss! Kissing Prank – Kissing Strangers – Kissing Game – Pranks 2014 – Public Pranks”
  1. SoFloAntonio says:

    Thank you guys so much for 100,000 views and 2,000 likes! The tutorial is
    coming soon! We’ve been working very hard on pranks sorry! :D 

  2. SoFloAntonio says:

    Thank you everyone for 1,300,000 views and 5,600 likes! :D 

  3. John Albert says:

    Intent : You cannot think your way to true life, because you cannot turn
    the mind off by thinking.

    Google *TRUTH CONTEST* and read *THE PRESENT*.

  4. Steven Murillo says:

    His vids are alright but damn he’s so fucking ugly…

  5. Jess Sandow says:

    I wouldn’t even kiss this guy for $1000 

  6. cerealforthewhale says:

    I fucking hate this faggot

  7. Nikola Bogdanovic says:

    You have to do such things, because you wouldnt get a kiss without 

  8. PeopleAreAwesomeByLouis says:

    3:20 Are we in kindergarten? I love it when americans say german words :D
    it sounds so weird haha LIKE IF U ARE FROM GERMANY^^

    btw: nice video:)

  9. Pat Junior says:

    His magic trick is so lame…. and his introducing himself by saying he’s
    doing videos on youtube, that kinda bigheaded…. well, won’t sub, and
    thumbs down, that’s my personal opinion.
    What do you think about him?

  10. SoFloAntonio says:

    TUTORIAL IS NOW OUT!!! Slap, Hug or Kiss! Kissing Prank (TUTORIAL) –
    Kissing Game – Kissing Strangers – Kissing Girls

  11. PAXperMortem says:


  12. Felix Kjellberg says:

    Much better than Prankinvasion

  13. Steve Jellaman says:

    How is it a prank if they are fully aware of what will happen? If I put a
    whoopie cushion on a chair and someone sits on it, that’s a prank. If a
    girl loses a simple card trick because she sucks at guessing, then it is a
    game of chance. :-/

  14. omnitrix152 says:

    You just don’t get girls like this in England :”(

  15. ConanCimmerian says:

    Kissing is bullshit if it isnt done out of true love…I wouldnt kiss a
    stranger in the mouth…

  16. SoFloAntonio says:

    Like this comment if you want a tutorial on this trick!

  17. João Figueiredo says:

    If he was a fat, no girl would kiss him

  18. Chris Jamal says:

    i don’t understand what he did… dude explain it in the video or something
    its much more entertaining that way… what the fuck happened in this

  19. HotLipsTrailerZone says:

    On you cheek on your cheek… Why not on lips? LOL

  20. Wacław Przybylski says:

    Whats that city?

  21. Allen Almeyda says:

    Subbed :D 

  22. themanofpeaceonmc says:

    Please get the tutorial out or tell me how it works… I want to use this
    on a special someone that I am trying to impress. 

  23. Jim K says:

    what a fucking idiot. I’m surprised his ass wasn’t beat on that beach. 

  24. NiftyNick says:

    I love reading all these jealous hate comments, it tickles me.

  25. AJ Castro says:

    Fucking sexy ass girls

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