Silk Through Rope Magic Trick – Visual rope trick penetration for stage and platform magic

April 28, 2015 by Admin  
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16 Responses to “Silk Through Rope Magic Trick – Visual rope trick penetration for stage and platform magic”
  1. Magic Tricks For Kids says:

    My best rope magic trick. Fast, visual and so easy to do. Take a look and
    learn it now.


    Nice trick, I’ll use it :) thanks for sharing

  3. Sebastian Solorza says:

    You and Julian are so alike it’s unbelievable. Both of you are phenomenal

  4. Amritpal Galsin says:

    Have you and Julian thought about performing a double act? 

  5. dancing elephant says:

    She’s such a good actor 

  6. Rigou27 says:

    How is Christen related to you?

  7. Rishikesh Suradkar says:

    I will try 

  8. TOM KELLS says:

    I keep shocking my friends with your tricks

  9. Mario Alegria says:

    Beatiful dude getting inspired to youre videos learning evryday

  10. Renee Sherriff says:



  11. loresamba says:


  12. Rudolf Walch says:

    Hi, very cool trick. Thank you. Greetings from Germany

  13. Bee Lim says:

    1000 subs congrats! And how is magician’s rope better than normal climbing

  14. Swathi Shenoy says:

    Y no trick uploaded for thr last couple of weeks????

  15. Mario Alegria says:

    When i have a kid he or she is gonna inherit my talent too you must be so
    proud of youre baby girl i wouldve too congrats dude you rock youre fan
    im called Illumar Di Maggo also a magician ..

  16. DjSlime i says:


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