Selling Pot to Cops Prank (Real Life Trolling) @PublicPrank

April 13, 2015 by Admin  
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ALMOST ARRESTED for pranking cops! Want to buy a little pot? Hilarious weed prank / real life trolling. Leave a LIKE rating if you enjoyed! Video by▻ Video…
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24 Responses to “Selling Pot to Cops Prank (Real Life Trolling) @PublicPrank”
  1. Tyler Barker says:

    Funny thing is, kitchen pots are more dangerous than marijuana. I’d rather
    be hit over the head with a bag of weed than a little pot.

  2. Whoamiii111 says:

    now I wanna see what happens when a black guy does that to a cop…

  3. EmeryAustin says:

    I’ll let it slide because it’s kind of funny. No, you will let it slide
    because he didn’t do anything illegal.

  4. Nick condo says:

    1st amendment baby! I could go up to a cop and say “I like fucking
    underages kids” and they can’t do a damn thing :D 

  5. MGF100 says:

    if i would of taking something out of my backpack i would of gotten shot

  6. awesomerobot15 says:

    2:09 You’re under arrest for assaulting an officer! GET ON THE FUCKIN

  7. Little Wing says:

    0:58 wtf, bitch please. You’re no Travis Barker.

  8. Brent Ra says:

    “ill let it slide cuz i thought it was funny” BITCH get back to the kitchen
    with your wannabe vigil-ante swag.. the fuck kind of mockery is this?

  9. mewantbrains says:

    0:59 best part of the video **proceeds to fap**

  10. Shinigami Kian says:

    “I need you too take this pot and run man”
    *Takes kitchen pot and makes a dash for it*


  11. MaxFlare says:

    This is ladies and gentlemen, is your modern police force.

  12. Hung Over says:

    If you did that here in North Georgia, it’d be pussies on the pavement!
    Around here, they’d arrest you for obstruction. They can get a judge to
    believe you where distracting them or keeping them from doing their job for
    almost any reason. Around here, its when in doubt….obstruction charge.

  13. Nigel Pennynickel says:

    Your a fucking idiot.

  14. wagfinpis says:

    Wouldn’t have been a s funny if he got a little shot. 

  15. rach Alexandrovna says:

    If you wanted to make the vid better you should have had weed in the other
    zipper so you could brag how you got away with it.

  16. Niko Delmedico says:

    Those cops who said “just leave” or “get outa here” truly surprised me.
    Usually they’d be like “ON THE GROUND, NOW”

  17. vegard jsdijdi says:

    “il let its slide becouse its funny” wtf do she think she am? he done
    nothing illigal and theres nothing to let slide. cops think they can arrest
    anyone they want. pffffff

  18. Aaron The Mega Dude says:

    Police in your city: hehehehe you’re funny
    Police in my city: *shocked look* GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND YOU LITTLE POT

  19. PCjabber says:

    I would NEVER be able to keep a straight face, lol…thx for the laugh!

  20. Erik Jerding says:

    +SiLo Nukii 

  21. IAmTheByrdman says:

    I didn’t read anyone’s comment, that being said, fuck society I’m tired of
    being said what I can and can’t put in my body, this religious bs that
    everyone has that effects society, fuck what you believe and your GOD, you
    live and die quit telling me what I can and can’t put into my body, ITS
    society for telling me what I can and can’t do, free will should mean free

  22. CTRL KAOS says:

    lol,ill let it slide cuz it was kinda funny!!

  23. Max Koschuh says:

    big balls for that one

  24. DARKANGEL9I9I9 says:

    some of the cops are so cool

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