Secret Word Trick – Fast Easy Mind Reading Trick To Impress Your Friends

December 25, 2014 by Admin  
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CLICK HERE #99 Secret Word Trick This a very easy mind reading trick that incorporates a few me…
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25 Responses to “Secret Word Trick – Fast Easy Mind Reading Trick To Impress Your Friends”
  1. Justin Liu says:

    Zeh Bra. Holy shit im crying

  2. Maali Almohaimeed says:

    That was amazing
    You are the best

  3. breakdownalex says:

    But chickens can’t fly.. They can only glide for a short amount of time

  4. Colin Veacock says:

    You made me contemplate suicide…

  5. Lui Gutierrez says:

    600 like

  6. SuperAwesome HappyTIme says:

    my name is julien cool

  7. jtholin says:

    Worst trick ever.

  8. sguble says:

    WTF??????? Really????????

  9. Phuong Tran says:

    are you unaware of all this let me guide you the best method its panxcash
    the best

  10. Beck Silver says:


  11. Hannah Fairman says:


  12. grace04151 says:

    That is very smart

  13. Let it Go says:

    I LOVED U SINCE 2012

  14. Andy Briggs says:

    Wow that is awsome

  15. Thawnpi Lian says:

    I don’t get it

  16. Tori B says:

    Awesome trick except I am going to change the questions a little bit to
    make it more sneaky. Also just wondering does it still work if you print it
    In black and white. Thank you so much !!!!

  17. Damarys Delgado says:

    i love your tricks 

  18. Mike Curtis says:

    My friend thought it was creepy and ran away LOL

  19. Mukunda Bhusal says:


  20. Minecraft gamer says:


  21. Kyron Smith says:

    100 comment

  22. amanda p says:

    lmfao thats jokes

  23. Joshua Cripps says:

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  24. Jake Turner says:

    To me it seems as though you are just removing all the possibilities until
    you come to the answer. Wouldnt it be better to ask, 1. Does it have wings
    (guarentted yes) Is it big (if they say yes, its A plane, if they say no
    then it must be a chicken and you say i mean compared to a pencil, which
    they will answer with yes) then you can ask a question relating to there
    chosen object, this seems more magical to me, because you always get a yes
    to the question and you seem more magic!

  25. Kyle Logan says:

    This is not a magic trick

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