Secret of magic trick of walking on water revealed

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Part of 13th episode of 2008′s TV series “Breaking The Magician’s Code – Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed”


24 Responses to “Secret of magic trick of walking on water revealed”
  1. Michael Williams says:

    Satan sure deceiving several people here making people believe Jesus was
    nothing but a clever magician.

    Jesus Christ was not a clever magician but my Lord and Savior.

  2. TheMagicalBean says:

    I clicked on this video because I knew the comments were going to be

  3. hologei home says:

    How did Jesus walk on water as told In the bible? He
    paid the disciples watching him to pretend they don’t see the Plexiglas he
    placed in the ocean.

  4. ResurgamRoseRangers says:

    All things in this world are possible, believe it or not.
    God is real.
    Other gods are real.
    Angels and Demons are real.
    Deal with it.
    I don’t want to start a war with hundreds of replies on this comment.
    Everything is possible.
    Bye, I’m outta here.

  5. Blazing Burst says:

    Dear Atheists.

    If there is no god, how did the first thing in the universe started to
    exist? it couldn’t just POOF without an unexplained power that would create

  6. HAWK45454545 says:

    And first of all how did the universe get created anyway, huh? Scientific
    evidence has proved that someone or some thing had to start the inheritance
    of Earth itself. God made Earth so he could have something he could love
    and cherish, and we, the catastrophic humans, fucked it up. So God sent his
    only son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified on a cross for our sins, so that
    some day, us humans, could go to the Holy place called Heaven, he has
    prepared. Eventually God, himself, will come back to this fucked up world
    and take the ones whom have been Holy to him, to Heaven, along with all of
    the children. He will leave the people like you behind and you will regret
    your words as he sends the world to Hell, and ascends a 7 Year plague on
    Earth to the ones who did not believe. As the holy trumpets from heaven
    blow, be prepared for something that will change everything. I pray that
    atheists would not be cold heated as Satin, is also an atheist. If you do
    not believe then think about what is to come. Faith will be something you
    need when Evil brings this world to shit. God loves even the ones who hate
    him. It doesn’t matter what atheist say, God Is Real, so deal with it. God
    did not create you to hate him, so read The Bible and figure out what God
    has planned for you!

  7. Enrique Zapata says:

    Ok lets begin with the so call (explanation)
    In a control environment the explanation does make sense. because distance
    is short
    the pool is shallow not deep, and are using paid spectators (Actors)
    But crossing the LONDON River? how do you explain that?
    Here is the answer how this people can do this kind of tricks.
    and please do not bug me because i am using the bible.
    (Mark 13:22) It Reads as Follow :
    For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform signs and
    wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones.

    If those people can do that without any glass platform
    (which i doubt they use on the river) plus can bend their bodies defying
    then something is wrong it is NOT natural.
    That means only one thing,
    Forces beyond our human abilities and comprehension are playing in those
    (Humans beings)
    i have come to that conclusion because in the last few years we are seeing
    a dramatic increase of unexplained things like people vanishing and
    reappearing in a flash from one point to another,. or magicians who do
    things like tearing people in half or putting their hand or entire body
    thru glass, and the list goes on and on.
    do not take me wrong it is entertaining to watch those performances
    but at the same time it is something to think about it.

    That is my Humble opinion.

  8. Fang Lyn says:

    This aint got nothing on JESUS, try doing this at sea in a storm like he

  9. icicicles says:

    Amazing how this video brings out the atheist and religious fanatics!
    Yet the only difference between them is one open mind and the other closed.
    Similarities: Nether remembers where they came from, who they are and why
    they are here.
    Yet all of them remembered as children, until about 4 yr’s of age they got
    caught-up in the life experience and have forgotten. How much do you
    remember before four or five yr’s of age.
    Am I an atheist? Hell NO!
    Am I religious? Hell NO, not after man corrupted it for his own selfish
    Do I believe in God and the Angels?
    Of course, as I have never forgotten!
    Those that have faith——WOW!
    Though corrupted, I’m not sure I could carry that burden if I had not
    Bless you, but back off on the hell fire and brimstone’s.
    Atheist look at me and the best their analytical minds can come up with is,
    what drugs are you on?
    Religious fanatics think I’m the devil because I teach of an all loving God
    without torture of his children in Hell fire and brimstone’s.
    So where do I lay——-crucifixion sound familiar?

  10. Edwin North says:

    It’s not so much that he exposes tricks (but that is very douchy) It is the
    attitude of the narrator. He acts like magicians are really out to convince
    people they truly have powers. That they are smug in knowing they fooled
    Fuck you, any rational adult will be both amazed and entertained, but even
    not knowing how it was done, still know it is an illusion.

  11. Victoria Odegaard says:

    Guys… stop putting religion into this, just because the narrator said
    “this will be a trick of biblical proportions” suddenly it’s atheists and
    non-bible-believers vs. catholics/christians/protestants/etc… Religion
    and politics are two things you cannot discuss over the internet because 1:
    people have very strong opinions that aren’t going to be swayed just
    because you commented and 2: They create arguments that are stupid and will
    never be resolved. Those of you who are happy with thinking that God
    created the universe and could walk on water and all of that without having
    any proof should be free to do so. And those of you who take scientific
    discoveries and the theories of evolution as your belief system should be
    free to do so as well. So cut it out and stop pushing your ideas on
    others. I swear, sometimes I feel YouTube shouldn’t have a comment system
    or a dislike button.

  12. Carl S says:

    Dear Christians

    Your religion is solely based off some storybook, that has no proof or
    evidence behind it, nothing in the bible can be proven. Yet you keep on
    insisting that your so called god, created everything. God never existed,
    and religion was only created to give people something to believe in.
    People who believe strongly in god, will work harder, and wont fear
    catastrophes, because they believe their “god” will save them, all religion
    is, a gimmick, to make people work more efficiently. At least, that was
    what it twas in the past. Now christians are simply too afraid too fall out
    of this path which was decided for them by their parents, and eventually,
    they come to believe it themself too. However, us aethists are able to look
    past something as childish as this, and see the truth. We werent created by
    some god. evolution, is what eventually created the modern day human,
    notyour stupid “adam and eve”

  13. Elijah Moner says:

    That Carl S guy that commented Is Slow i mean i get what your saying But
    One Explain the Fact How Animals And People Got on the earth science Can’t
    Explain That in anyway If you want Proof That god Is Real Look at it this
    Way Who woke you Up this Morning Science Can’t explain How People Wake up
    and i’m sure you Can’t explain it You should Be Thankful that you get to
    see another day that god is Allowing you to live

  14. Elizabeth Phillips says:

    People actually believed this??? This type of shit is supposed to trick
    ignorant village people in third world countries >.>

  15. kenny turner says:

    Fake. This is a magic trick that has something to do with cornstarch 

  16. Hrishikesh Venkatesh says:

    is that raley happening or are you standing on the girls

  17. GreatYue says:

    The most stupid trick I see. Before it was revealed I already speculated he
    would walk on a piece of glass platform. Those believe in religion is as
    like little children believe in magic. Karl Marx is right. 

  18. rterter eterterterte says:

    it’s kind of sad the only way you can get people to do anything for you is
    if you pay them.

  19. FallPlays .LavaCraft says:

    oh btw that kid is stupid. The big bang was caused by… oh… I give up.
    Don’t reply to meh with some stupid GOD theory. Or else “GOD” will piss his
    holy water on you.

  20. Matty77XD says:

    Have you ever heard of the word ‘photoshop’?

  21. JT Saiyan says:

    Magic tricks are revealed and comments are flooded with dumbass religious
    people and their beliefs. SMH

  22. Green Da Camper says:


  23. Too Many Traps says:

    come on guys. Atheists, I dont know what to tell you.But when God wants you
    to do something, You know it. I speak from personal experience. Im not
    going to make you do anything, But please trust in the lord.

  24. Phoebe Lawes says:

    Yes that is walking on water also walking on the glass i was so amazed that
    I thought there was nothing In the water but still amazing

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