Sai Sathya Sai Baba’s amazing magic tricks

December 22, 2014 by Admin  
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25 Responses to “Sai Sathya Sai Baba’s amazing magic tricks”
  1. Mark Holman says:

    Those films old and grainy do not have the same presance as the man who is
    surrounded by his devottees yet you have gone to great lenghts to discredit
    him. Yogis come from a line of yogi’s and so his lineage preceeds your
    attempts. How childish and foolish you appear and we do not presume to know
    you either

  2. Janitha Wickramasinghe says:

    I feel sad for him. Pathetic at the end. How miserable that double life may

  3. bhoomi deva says:

    This person does it openly whereas many govts loot innocent masses via
    TAXES …..WHAT ABOUT THAT….F’in democracy backfiring BIG

  4. rohin sharma says:

    sai baba is good man he is only one in this earth.i salute him.he make lol
    to many people.he was not so smart but our indian people are all fudu at
    highest level.

  5. Ghanshyam Ramdany says:

    Dum stupid..thats why the muslim fucked indians..then the british n chinese
    and so on…ppl are fucking dum and stupid in that country…

  6. rohin sharma says:

    this video show that how much indian people fool are.may god give you full

  7. Aneesh M.P. says:

    Sri Sathya Sai Baba Vibhuti Abhishekam
    explain this

  8. Alen Saini says:

    nice fooling this vedio

  9. imbatman says:

    mad world

  10. Maxi Sequeira says:

    he is very bad god man . why he kept nillions of RS money and gold in is
    room to take with his dead body

  11. IIvan Nuno says:

    Exactly, magic tricks, not miracles

  12. Sentindo Bem says:

    I am watching the “discredit Sai Baba” videos one after another, and it is
    amazing how the same cherry-picked small collection of few-seconds
    snippets, exhaustively repeated several times at varying speeds is all that
    is available – while his life was recorded, photographed and filmed every
    single day of most of his entire life!

    Also, most of the criticism in the comments is a parrot-like repetition of
    completely false statements. Anyone a bit more informed about Sai Baba
    could debunk one after another – but I believe none of us is willing to
    spend time in such unpleasant task.

    A single example (picked a random statement, to illustrate): “Sai Baba was
    repeatedly challenged to do even one miracle under scientific conditions,
    he always refused!” – This is simply not truth. Unless “repeatedly
    challenged” means something like “BBC crew tried hard by sending him
    several messages” (and we know how much biased was the BBC documentary from
    the very beginning). The fact about this is: several skeptic and people of
    sciences like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and so on, really approached Sai
    Baba willing to reveal him as fraud… only to return as their followers.
    This is the veridic perspective.

    Anyway… by now, it has been a joy to check that not only these videos
    does not prove anything against Sai Baba but also there are wonderful
    devotees around writing lovely comments even in the middle of so much
    hatred. Thank you.

  13. SD SHAREKHFT says:

    how fool people are seeing they see not

  14. Galal Deria says:

    The things people believe is absolutely worrying.

  15. MrCMVikram says:

    All your nasty negative comments have not helped. People had been lining
    up from all around the world just to have a glimpse of this amazing
    Avatar. Keep trying to demonize Sai. Your hands are too short to fight
    the Lord.

  16. Anish Jaywant says:

    I like SaiBaba’s thoughts

  17. congruenceofsouls says:

    sai bastard

  18. ravikumar kullappa says:

    ohm sairam

  19. firda fahrie says:

    many are also followers of the Beast

  20. jas arbb says:

    most of his believers are educated hindus,,, i wonder what will they do if
    they watch hollywood movies

  21. Jose Rodriguez says:

    spiritual man is recognized only when their pacados confesses Jesus Christ
    as their savior and stop doing bad things. otherwise remains carnal

  22. Jese Joon says:

    if he is really that much powerful… why he is hiding it… and give all
    those gold to POOR people in your india…. That when you naming india
    poverty comes to mind!!! When will u awake???

  23. 4bbc . says:

    Spirituality is the realization of the role of the Spirit in daily life. It
    is a way of life. Our entire life is bound up with the Spirit. All the
    powers of man are derived from the Spirit. It is totally wrong to think
    that Spirituality is divorced from daily life and that our daily concerns
    have no relation to spirituality. Nor does spirituality mean leading a
    lonely and secluded life. True spirituality calls for the recognition of
    the oneness of all mankind and to demonstrate the spiritual truth
    underlying this Divine unity.

    (SSS. Vol XXV – Chap 15)

  24. Gulam Mohiddin says:

    owning multi dollar property and fooling ppl is who come to them is not an
    achievement of a spiritual guru.. He had been lying to ppl in the name of
    the Sai Baba by saying he’s the incarnation of Sai Baba. and the real Sai
    Baba never enjoyed such materialistic life and gave up normal life and
    lived as a beggar. And out of no where this piece of shit comes out and
    claims as the same baba’s incarnation and started gaining following in the
    name of Sai Baba. That is something that piss me off..

  25. 4bbc . says:

    “To know the Indweller (Kshetrajna) you have to acquire the Supreme
    Knowledge (Jnana). This transcends every other kind of knowledge which is
    related to the physical and the phenomenal. No one can understand the
    Divine Self (Atma) through worldly knowledge. You need a diamond to cut a
    diamond. To understand the Divine Soul (Atma), you have to acquire
    Knowledge of the Spirit (Atmajnana).” – Baba Thought for the day as written
    at Prasanthi Nilayam today 9th June 2013

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