ring and chain trick revealed

January 14, 2015 by Admin  
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Here’s how to do the great “ring and chain trick”


25 Responses to “ring and chain trick revealed”
  1. Sourabh Prasad says:


  2. joeatlus says:


  3. Icblueice12 says:

    this is GREAT!!! thanks!

  4. dantheman1507 says:

    @heyscuba got it :D

  5. Ragd Zidane says:


  6. heyscuba says:

    @angelica83198 heavy ring and most any kind of chain,… I guess,.. but not
    a tiny ring,…no,.. no.

  7. MercenaryMH says:


  8. metalchick891 says:

    very clever and cool trick,thanks :)

  9. Eddie S says:

    thx for sharing this cool effect, its now in my favorites

  10. dantheman1507 says:

    @heyscuba how can you be 51?

  11. emoxblackeye says:

    i found them on ebay for like 2 dollers with a chain and 5 rings

  12. Guru of Random says:

    You are gonna get bitch slapped.

  13. ghostlyboy676 says:

    thank you for this trick

  14. jayjayspider says:

    Hey. Does it matter what kind of chain and ring you have? I need help!

  15. Oreocp says:

    It can be any size ring but easy with bigger and it can be just a necklace
    and take the charm off or something and u can use yarn but its a lot harder

  16. Shialuk says:

    I learned that trick in china the mall wa right across the street and hey i
    say why not ill try that, i bought it and welll works really well

  17. ghostofsouls says:


  18. Ido013 says:

    Wow that’s a great trick! By the way, does it work with a rope too?

  19. halo2party says:

    I got a ring and chain, but it isn’t working D:

  20. Misael Aguilar says:

    you completely had me at 0:20

  21. taco127 says:

    and then u get punched.

  22. heyscuba says:

    @OGetti well, maybe,… I use a 2 inch ring, maybe 2 1/4, and a 3 1/2 foot
    chain,… I get the chain that long so I can wear this trick double looped
    on my neck with the ring in the center,… but change how high you hold the
    ring as you drop it,… small rings hold lower,…. keep trying,… let the
    one side, the thumb side fall first,…

  23. Adam Bro says:

    but how do u take it off!!!!!!

  24. heyscuba says:

    @MrSame1 you get it yet,…?

  25. andeyx94 says:

    1:44 What?? xD

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