Proof Criss Angel is a Fraud! *High Quality Reveal*

February 11, 2015 by Admin  
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READ** O.K., let me make something clear. I am perfectly aware that Criss does not claim to have supernatural powers. He does however claim to never use ed…
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25 Responses to “Proof Criss Angel is a Fraud! *High Quality Reveal*”
  1. Keith Risk says:

    Why do people insist on putting such horrendous sounds over their videos?
    Thank god for MUTE!

  2. andrew blades says:

    Why you hate this guy?
    I know (i think everybody know) he’s not a vizard, but he still do awesome
    Noone give a fuck for your tries to show his tricks. You just say something
    bullshit from video cuts and nothing true…
    I dont know why but you are a dick. You want to take everything from this
    guy but you cant do this because you arent know the trick
    Have a nice day!

  3. Frank Sanders says:

    I actually read your disclaimer. I am glad that you’re aware magic is not
    real. You say that Criss claims to never edit, I don’t know that is true.
    What I do know is that some of his videos have an overlay that reads
    “continuous shot”. So I suppose if you could prove that specifically untrue
    you would catch him in a lie. I can’t imagine a serious person caring. All
    of magic is a trick a lie a sham, you either find it entertaining or you
    don’t. I did not view your video, it came up on my recommended list and the
    title alone inspired me to post.

  4. Ez Wil says:

    Criss is an illusionist for entertainment purposes, emphasis on
    “illusionnist” not a fraud! Educate yourself on that subject..Have a nice
    day! :) 

  5. M41NFRAME says:

    wow criss angel does not have magic powers???? no shit sherlock

  6. Burning ice says:

    I saw CRISS live and he was real illusionist

  7. Stingercam21 says:

    There are no super humans, no super powers, just enterteiners with good and
    cheap tricks that’s all !!!!

  8. Fat Mann says:

    good observation but all of street magic, magicians who video their tricks
    on the street is a show. they cut and paste videos and it is junk magic.
    in magic you have to control the envierment but good magicians use
    misdirection not trick photography, that is why these guys can’t light a
    candle to David Coperfield or Andrew Kole.. 

  9. DANTT1990 says:

    To say his only magic is done in editing is to think that he only does TV
    shows but he also performs in theatres

  10. mike jimenez says:

    “criss” Angel isnt fake if he was fake then how does he do live shows smart
    one :P 

  11. Frasse Holm says:

    Can people realize sometime… All magicians are frauds. They do illusions
    and slight of hand and special made objects. And criss use a so called
    “show”. They’re in on the trick

  12. Slonstamonsta says:

    The truth is the Criss Angel is a magician and If you thought that this
    shit was real you are a moron. They are called illusions for a reason.

  13. Andy Marz says:

    jajaja es muy estupido este truco

  14. skylord_daniel says:

    Haters! It fucking obvous that its a trick were only humans you shit

  15. McKenzie Tyree says:

    i lived in vegas for 4 years and never seen that sorry ass fucker nut shit
    isnt everyone a fraud

  16. Loretta Kleman says:

    You are a liar

  17. powermugu says:

    To the morons who say that he does live shows. He does live shows in Vegas
    indeed, but if you see them you will find them to be the usual perfectly
    explainable tricks other magicians do, and his are of horrible quality.
    These extreme tricks in the TV program are NEVER done in front of live
    audience and are only possible through editing and fake spectators. Here is
    a review on tripadvosor of the live show. Practically bullshit and
    insulting to viewers.

    “A performance with no direction or order with predictable magic and an
    annoying cast. You can see the wires attached to Criss’s back that allow
    Criss to walk vertically down the wall. Also very overpriced. “O” or
    mystere by Cirque du Soleil’s is a much better deal with much more
    captivating and skilled performers. Criss gives Cirque du Soleil’s a bad

  18. reghanlee says:

    Turned it off after 5 seconds of music. No idea what the video is of. 

  19. Anau Naga says:

    Uhm I wonder if this guy is dumb because all those people have been behind
    the camera…. :| 

  20. Tyler Thompson says:

    It called an illusion for a reason

  21. Brad Julio says:

    C’mon. Hea an illusionist people! Everyone knows magic isn’t real. It’s an

  22. McKenzie Tyree says:

    mybad mick i forgot you profile was still up lol 

  23. Mikee Wheels says:

    ok first shot is pointed toward street second pointed towards wall. duh

  24. Juan Orozco says:

    Pay attention to the angles the camera is face store front and the crowd is
    behind the camera, it’s easy to say that maybe they asked them to move with
    a gesture, but either way there’s now way you see the crowd behind the
    camera unless he turned to do crowd shots. He’s an illusionist his job to
    do stunt that looks impossible, sit back and enjoy it instead of being
    pissed that he’s not magical.

  25. Mooncat747 says:

    Is the nigger music really necessary? 

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