PREDICTION Magic Trick REVEALED!!! – Day 304 of 365

January 22, 2015 by Admin  
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Ok, I had originally included this in the actual video but it ran way too long. The reason I get mad at some magicians on YouTube for exposing magic tricks i…


24 Responses to “PREDICTION Magic Trick REVEALED!!! – Day 304 of 365”
  1. Cool TV says:

    did the man blink

  2. THEHjklas says:

    This guy looks a lot like James Roday from psych. Wow…. and great trick

  3. craZy toonZ says:

    good trick that anyone could do but took me two mins. to figure out, still
    very cleaver

  4. Jay Reidy says:

    Who’s the cataleptic in the background?

  5. Magicalpranks says:

    For that guy in the background that wat 3rd wheeling feels like folks :)

  6. ozzyboy619 says:

    That was the dumbest trick ever. Smelled it a mile away

  7. Colton Thomas says:

    I feel like the guy in the back is going to rape me

  8. Nicola Gmagic says:

    great trick 

  9. Seamo King says:

    Creep in the background 

  10. Shah Rizan says:

    its not magic at all 

  11. Fuschia Steward says:


  12. Anuj Mishra says:

    Who’s that horrible guy(statue) behind you….

  13. mrmancfc says:

    what does it say on your shirt?? ;)

  14. Stricken132 says:

    That guy. 0.o

  15. The World's Laziest Ninja says:

    is that a new shirt?

  16. Keanu Larrazabal says:

    goat sound 4:42

  17. Nanda Krishnan says:

    The guy in the background makes me roflmao!

  18. LeclericShow says:

    @UND3FEATABLE anyone know???

  19. hgyhklmadrid says:


  20. Keirt Aman says:

    @1:32 LOLOL

  21. LeclericShow says:

    @GardsVision don’t underestimate this effect guys!!! It will fool anyone
    who sees it…… I promise… Its all about making it seem like they could
    of picked ANY objects!!!

  22. Marc Munoz says:

    Episode 246! I know I’m late but I just discovered your channel and am
    addicted, good work dude!

  23. jhigginbotham151 says:

    IDEA go to jay sankeys house do one of his own tricks to him IF U FOOL HIM

  24. jose joel herrera says:

    jajajajaja i love it

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