Plan B (Easy Card Trick) – Tutorial

January 29, 2015 by Admin  
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Title named by This is a very in-depth tutorial on a trick I do on a daily basis. It is simple yet very effective. …
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25 Responses to “Plan B (Easy Card Trick) – Tutorial”
  1. Gnarley Ric says:

    Other than that great channel ;) very nice tricks

  2. Michael Austin says:

    Does shoes doe!

  3. Isaac Vasquez says:

    I really like your Erdnase color change, it looks very clean but please
    don’t throw sentinels on the floor, it breaks my heart…
    Nice and simple illusion!

  4. Gnarley Ric says:

    You’re into music makes my ears bleed

  5. unknown mofo says:

    What editing software do you use?

  6. Billy Moondragon says:

    This one is called the ethereal elevator! :-) great trick brother. What is
    the name of the song and band? I love it.
    Be well

  7. Kevin Dresen says:

    what kind of cards are those? I NEED THOSE THEY LOOK SO COOL

  8. BIG T says:

    name it double real

  9. bigheadapp says:

    What is the name of the song?

  10. Billy Moondragon says:

    I just found the name of song. Thanks!

  11. Abins ronaldo says:

    great idea man …. really love … i think u earned a new subscriber…!

  12. bigheadapp says:

    Matt and Kim Red Paint

  13. Genaro Blanco says:

    card switch should be the name

  14. Parris Thorpe says:

    You do know the 12 of clubs is the Queen of Clubs right?

  15. Jesse Alten says:

    Shut up retard it doesn’t work stupid

  16. FastReloadCards says:

    Nice slippers

  17. Tokyo Ghoul Code Geasss says:

    Man I hate the back of those cards do sating and illumanati LoL

  18. Dylan Jones says:

    Amazing card trick. I’ll defiantly use this one a lot. Already tried it out
    leaves them amazed.

  19. Freddie G says:

    Insane video once again

  20. Smart Andriod says:

    It’s hard to do a double lift

  21. pharoah george says:

    Double nope

  22. mikeherringshaw says:

    Great easy trick love it this is exactly like the color change card but u
    know whats easier then the double break put there card at the bottom of the
    pack and then you can control easier to the top

  23. Smart Andriod says:

    It’s hard to do a double lift

  24. Tovias Washington says:

    The Mystic fade

  25. minismagic says:

    can you do a review on the Sentinels deck?

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