Physics Center of Gravity Project

April 23, 2015 by Admin  
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Mr. Gibbons 08-09.
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25 Responses to “Physics Center of Gravity Project”
  1. GTown Dave says:

    turn off the crappy music and speak up

  2. alex ayyad says:

    Hi Katerina, to be honest i wasnt signed in to my user so i had to sign in
    to write this comment. especially what teased me is these bunch of idiots
    thats saying this video is crap. well, i loved your video to the limit that
    i got a video grabber and saved it to my computer. i loved the way you
    explained, loved even to listen to your voice, and i certainly loved
    coldplay being applied to your video. But since this video was published
    around 5 years ago, i doubt that their is any chance that you may get this
    comment. but if somehow it finds a way to reach you, id be glad to hear
    from you so sincerely. n by the way, am Alex :) 

  3. bamf Bandit says:

    I just tried to do this but i think i put too much water in because it just
    spilled water all over the fucking ground… fml right!

  4. valdinei macedo says:

    can someone explain the coca cola?

  5. Edin Tupkovic says:


  6. David Oon says:

    Great job there!

  7. Thomas Holländer says:

    Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:

  8. kalpataro says:

    What a luxury bathroom …

  9. soham zemse says:

    @2:52 observe that yellow piece in background. I m wondering how it is
    possible for it to move n go back to its orignl positn without falling

  10. John Baker says:

    Dang! ya got me (4:32)

  11. tony ruiz says:

    cool thing to do.

  12. kenechia De Guire says:

    thanks.. it worth it
    hepls alot :) 

  13. Kristina BoBina says:

    Cool, thank you

  14. nekif820 says:

    yay for Coldplay!

  15. Christian Halilović says:

    Hey thats Barca favorite drink Koke-Cola

  16. Justin Hathaway says:

    Nice Coldplay music :) 

  17. SPECIAL LORD says:


  18. samacumen says:

    Nice and thank you. By the way, then what is the difference between COG and
    Center of Mass??

  19. Phil Morris says:

    Very nice. That quarter trick is really neat and you owe me a punch because
    I looked.

  20. Phil Morris says:

    That sponge is possessed, get out of the house!!!!

  21. 0okhalilo0 says:

    what a nerd chick ?!

  22. C- BlackWater says:

    nice to know girls are smart too. :)

  23. JackMarker says:

    I know this song

  24. Ace Inocencio says:

    effin insane

  25. Berlin Arcillas says:

    2:49 is that a razor?? lol

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