Phone in Balloon (Pressure) Super Performance Hints & Tips

January 28, 2015 by Admin  
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Phone in Balloon (Pressure) performance tips from Andy Field magic teacher. Learn how to get killer reactions with this amazing effect by Daniel Garcia and D…
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25 Responses to “Phone in Balloon (Pressure) Super Performance Hints & Tips”
  1. Justin Liu says:

    Especially women. Sexist much

  2. MikioGamingHD says:

    well i guess you shouldnt do it with ip6plus since it bends lmfao

  3. Magic20151 says:

    You shouldn’t be so casual about how everyone is ripping off Daniel Garcia.

  4. Fun Magic TV says:

    Hey, great video. I really mean it, I watched this on the first week of the
    summer holidays and went around performing it to people. So thanks a lot
    for teaching me :D I mad my own earlier this month and I would be honoured
    if you could take a look at my interpretation of this trick and give your
    opinion on it. Like I said, your channel is really big and it would mean
    the world to me if you left a comment or something, thanks :) 

  5. DarkAssassin2001 says:

    Anyone else get spit inside the balloon and does any know how to make that
    not happen?

  6. Riku Paavilainen says:

    I did it with a condom, but instead of phone, I used my dick.

  7. Bacon Knight says:

    how do you prevent the “new case” from being so wet

  8. Andy Andytzu says:

    the baloon is reversed if you know what i mean, really cool trick :D 

  9. Mlpfreak3 says:


  10. Dominic Calzadilla says:

    Great trick if you want all your photos to be yellow!

  11. Hal F says:

    Is he for real? 8 min video for a trick that any 5-year old kid can do.

  12. slaSSification says:

    Gob Bluth

  13. Rian Konno says:

    What I do at the end of the trick, is so that I don’t ruin my balloons
    because I don’t want to purchase more. I say “This is actually a brand new
    phone case. It’s homemade, I’m actually selling these for 50$” since I know
    they don’t have the money, they say no. Then I begin to slowly blow the
    balloon up, and slowly pull the phone out. Doing that way looks like the
    trick is being reversed in slow motion, and the spectator sees that you can
    actually pull the phone out of the balloon.

  14. MegaReddevil91 says:

    like this guy who dropped it?

  15. Dylanian777 says:

    You look like Walt Flannagin

  16. Dragon Grof says:

    This trick is very bad

  17. Malik Hameem says:

    There’s no gimmick,its a self working trick you just have to know how it is

  18. R Cain says:

    When I preform it the balloon has saliva in it so i cant really give it to
    them Please help!

  19. Jake G says:

    Brilliant tips my friend.

  20. GoldenCheesecakeGaming says:

    I Started This Trick

  21. malika parveen says:

    Super amazing

  22. Lord Vader says:

    Thanks! Now my phone is much faster than before! =D Best performance trick!

  23. Xavier Hanspard says:

    Can you show a tutorial on how to do it like you do it because when I do is

  24. Edward Almanzar says:

    Nigga Talk too much Damn

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