Office Magic Tricks : Disappearing Pen Cap Magic Trick

March 26, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn how to make a pen cap magically disappear in this free magic lesson video. Expert: Greg Trevors Bio: Greg Trevors se graduó de la Escuela de Magia Chávez (Chavez School of Magic) y…


25 Responses to “Office Magic Tricks : Disappearing Pen Cap Magic Trick”
  1. ทิมากร เกรียงไกร says:


  2. ETC92033 says:

    Another great routine. I love your fascial mannerisms and expressions with
    the moves. That’s ENTERTAINMENT and makes it more baffling. You should go
    far in Magic. Good luck,,,THANKS. Magically… ~ ED

  3. sjsawyer says:

    @FingersInTheSky What the f…

  4. Ariana Laracuente says:

    lol i did it at work, ppl were laughing so hard they lost their jod.

  5. SwissCheck14 says:

    Thanks :) You Help me :) From Germany :D

  6. NauviPL says:

    This vid is zajebisty..

  7. ImSuchaGamer says:

    @kanyewesttight1023 >jod

  8. HowToKillAMonster09 says:

    fuck ive gone deaf

  9. Aphelix says:

    @mcbanginbass1 lol, girls dont have penis

  10. iblastonu says:

    ow my ear hurts

  11. Snabu * says:

    I forced the pen cap in to my ear ear ear

  12. loai jalal says:

    I cant do it because i am wearing glasses LOL

  13. matenzo says:

    maybe you can try doing it joker style :P

  14. sjsawyer says:

    @FingersInTheSky Which video?

  15. blackpower003 says:

    haha your comment just made my day

  16. Jordan Price says:

    that was lame lmfao 20 bucks says no one would believe it

  17. Kenneth Levleit says:

    I like watching magic tricks revealed when they’re actually performed in
    real time first. How can I seriously believe this will trick anybody if it
    has never even tricked me… through a camera even.

  18. emiletetrt says:

    a fun yourube glitch 1) Pause at 0:00 2.) Hold left arrow 3.)Hit up arrow
    4.)Have fun playing snake 5.)Vote up if it works.

  19. Xitude says:

    Best video iv seen on youtube :D

  20. Pimpfluid Productions says:

    so when r u gonna upload magic tricks??

  21. Arushi Agarwal says:

    This is mostly done to disappear a coin!!!!

  22. Paula Armada says:

    wow, that’s a lot of work. thanks though. =)

  23. skateboy42 says:

    (__/) (=’ .’=)

  24. Tony Annihilator says:

    i’ll try

  25. 781KIDD says:


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