Now You See me /David Blaine Card Trick! (Snap Change Tutorial!)

January 21, 2015 by Admin  
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A short and concise video of the popular colour change technique made popular by David Blaine and Atlas in “Now you see me” Watch Clean Up Tutorial here: htt…


25 Responses to “Now You See me /David Blaine Card Trick! (Snap Change Tutorial!)”
  1. ZantoF5 says:

    Myself: 1/5 of time it wont go behind the first card.
    3/5 of time the other guy would be able to see the switched
    card hiding behind.
    1/5 i just fail.
    THEN i tryed i front of my webcam, so i can watch myself while doing it
    from the view of someone else, and, IT WORK.
    its not perfect, but if u guys wanna learn it faster, i recommand using a

  2. AstekOst says:


  3. André Zanutta says:

    was the objective of inserting a filter in the video blinding us??? cus
    that’s what it did to me 

  4. mine craftdy says:

    “Slowly release pressure from index finger”…”Do not put any pressure on
    index finger” what?

  5. DC Magic says:

    most important tip: relax ur pointer finger


    i did it for 2 hours continuously ,n i did it v well……but i need to
    master it…………..
    thanks bro………

  7. Zineb L says:

    That was a good trick, but if you’re in front of a big audience it’ll be
    hard to hide the other card

  8. Neura SM says:

    wtf you upload it on my birthday. I’m the 200th comment

  9. Jack Dawson says:

    ed marlo is the father of snap change

  10. Icy Sword says:

    it’s really difficult to release pressure from my index finger :(
    and when I push the card forward, the edge of the first card still shows up
    on the bottom of the second card

  11. David Doeginets says:

    Amazing thank you

  12. DC Magic says:

    its not a snap change wrong name 

  13. khrisean ford - jones says:

    I mastered the snap change 

  14. KJ Kohler says:

    Its shit and hard

  15. Krazzy Comix co. says:

    Wtf my pointer finger is on bottom now top…

  16. Tony Hillebrand says:

    What is that Music in the Background? I really like that track!

  17. Adriana Acosta says:

    Tbh worst tutorial ever .-.

  18. RyanPlays 123 says:

    When i do it the card goes straight down i cant get it under the second

  19. mollohan logan says:


  20. DVS1N50MN1AC says:

    Is that a white arcane deck?

  21. Tim Swarts says:

    Thanks a lot!

  22. Ali Yousef says:

    Tip: Move the cards a bit upward so spectators wont see the second card.

  23. marjorie anquilero says:

    its hard for me to snap and do the trick at the same time. if i dont snap
    they will heard the card going back and they will find out how i did it.
    can you suggest other aside from snap?

  24. thebadcar 03 says:

    I really like your magic can you tell me what kind of cards you were using
    in this video 

  25. Joseph Hong says:

    hey hansen. does it matter if u hav big or small hands?

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