Night School Cwalk/Dance – Magic Tricks!

February 28, 2015 by Admin  
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I tried to not look down so much for you miss ktran! Blackie Chan in the house!
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21 Responses to “Night School Cwalk/Dance – Magic Tricks!”
  1. Unboundedominion says:

    kd & jp – Magic Tricks

  2. QoRkiez says:

    fuck kay nice man yur alot smoother now, and i saw new vari’s nice bro keep
    it up

  3. Vi3tChungJr says:

    nice, song?

  4. annieiskoo says:

    LMFAOO it looks hekks cold !

  5. kickflipdude25521 says:

    wat part of canada u from im mississauga ontario ohh and u shouid do a c
    walk vid to the song “remember the name” by fort minor

  6. xXPrinceEnigmaXx says:

    My headstand ftw LOL

  7. kay188 says:

    hell yeah we did. it was amazing sweetie.

  8. Nkauj Lis says:

    We had sexx afterwards LMFAO good song? haha .. but daaang i quit cwalkin
    for liife now hah

  9. Resident Sim says:

    One of the best vids of da night school ;) So pro !

  10. Vindar Berda says:

    agree, nice vid and unique style :) the dance was nice to ! just tha glide
    was a bit off

  11. BlackieChan707 says:

    im diggin blackiechan, mostly because thats my nickname

  12. Vindar Berda says:

    KD & JP – Magic Trick Ft. Michael Stokes

  13. kay188 says:

    Epic Video :)

  14. comboo1 says:

    nice one kay 5*

  15. Christian Hebel says:

    Nice vid. But I dont like the “glide, with 1 leg to the side” kay.. Its at
    0:42 – ca. Keep it up

  16. iEatYhu says:

    dannngg! it looks sooo colldd!!

  17. Shady Laughlin says:

    amazing! this is my new favorite vid

  18. vietkayy says:

    done it long ago.

  19. Khanh Le says:

    This dude is the one that inspired me to C-walk not vietJr, SizzlinCok! :D

  20. kickflipdude25521 says:

    ya i figured that out after i wrote that :)

  21. Hika395 says:

    watching this vid makes me feel cold… >.>

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