Money Portrait Magic Trick

March 28, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks

This is a simple magic trick you can do by making two simple folds in the face of any money portrait which will make the face smile and frown as you tilt the bill.
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2 Responses to “Money Portrait Magic Trick”
  1. Tristen Wells says:

    This is in every origami book, I’ve ever read. Ps. Don’t leave the fold as
    bold. It makes people realize. It Looses the fun when u do this and the
    fist thing they see is lines instead of the face

  2. Dean Leatherman says:

    Wow, I like origami too! I have collecting book for over forty years and
    have a whole shelf of origami books. Funny, none of them have this trick.
    FYI, you are right about the lines but it works better if the lines are
    sharp. It goes from “yeah it sort of changes” to “wow, he is really happy!’

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