Miranda’s Spicy Magic Trick – Magic Mondays

December 16, 2014 by Admin  
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This pepper is too hot for Miranda Sings to handle, so I fix it with magic. Be sure to go check out the video of us eating poo on Miranda’s channel: https://…
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25 Responses to “Miranda’s Spicy Magic Trick – Magic Mondays”
  1. Chris Ballinger says:

    I’m glad Miranda Licked my magic trick!

  2. ItsAlvaa says:


    Alright, so I noticed his hand was ”clutched/closed” when he changed it
    into salt, and I THINK I know why.
    So, first he had the pepper, when he put his hand over it, to make it into
    salt, I guess there was a sticker/paper or anything, anyways, it was
    probably on the salt, looking like pepper. So when he would change it into
    salt, I guess he dragged it off, and MAYBE that’s why his hand was closed

    Sorry for probably spoiling..
    But he’s still a magician.
    And it was pretty clever and cool. Good job! c:

    Note: I’m not trying to be smart, this is just what I think was why his
    hand was closed when he changed it into salt. Don’t hate, I just wanted to
    see if it made more sense if I wrote this down also.

  3. Alyssa Groden says:


  4. D Ramadani says:

    There was paper on the bottle thing and he pulled it off thats why is hand
    was clutched

  5. Maegann Kirkby says:

    “mmmm yes thats tasty…….want some?” “not anymore” lol

  6. WiiHacker213 says:

    Sour Patch Watermelon!

  7. James Mussell says:

    Nerds… Recently found nerds and its amazing

  8. Hannah Jenkins says:

    hersheys chocolate

  9. MrSuperedan Powell says:

    Skittles are awesome. Especially skittles confused. I don’t know if you
    have it in the USA 

  10. Jesse Taylor says:

    He was palming the pepper shaker in his right hand. Where he had the salt

  11. Elena Sunshine says:

    I love jolly ranches

  12. lucas torres-carvella says:

    If you watched his hand after the trick he did net unclench 3 of his
    fingers, but he is awesome anyway!#yesIsaidunclench

  13. Emily Brooks says:

    You got rid of peper

  14. kamia moore says:

    Do a trick with hot sauce and a Roach at the same time with the same person
    who did this video with

  15. Myers McLennan says:

    Lol he was holding his hand in a fist to hold the pepper

  16. iJefff says:


  17. elizabeth mariposa says:

    Sour heads hard candy because it’s realy sour


  18. Dylan Nelson says:

    Watch this in 0.25 speed.

  19. joninfiction says:

    opinions are not allowed

  20. Jessica Coleman says:

    he kinda looks like Adam Sandler

  21. ANN WATERS says:


  22. JustinsYT Minecraft Gameplay says:


  23. Lizzie Edgington says:

    HA!HA!HA! That was so funny!

  24. Shadae Graham says:

    my favorite candy is pop rocks

  25. abbigail sacks says:

    use cotton candy!!!

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