Mindfreak – Criss Angel – His Best Magic Trick [REVEALED]

January 9, 2015 by Admin  
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See the most amazing Magic Trick of Criss Angel MINDFREAK revealed!!! New Season 4 Brought To You By: ITCHY POOPZKID www.itchypoopzkid.com.
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25 Responses to “Mindfreak – Criss Angel – His Best Magic Trick [REVEALED]”
  1. yoslyn reyes says:

    he didnt revealed nothing

  2. Mohamed Affaan says:

    this is not a magic. this is real. every magic has a trick and the magician
    can explain or describe the trick of his magic. here no trick and not
    doing by Mr.Criss angel doing by jinn. (‘jinn’ is an arabic word it mean
    some kind of ghost or demon ). there are enough detail abut jinn in the
    Holy Quran. no need educational qualification or other talent to do this.
    only we need a friendship with jinn.being friend with jinn is very
    dangerous. because they are not human beings. not only Mr. Criss Angel,Mr.
    zach king ,Mr.David Blaine. Mr. Dynamo,Mr.Davi Lion, Mr, Yif doing the same
    thing. in future some others will join with them. they can only surprise
    the people nothing else. they know this.anyway they will suffer later

  3. Nudam Inapoi says:

    fags….gay lovers

  4. DC Magic says:

    reveal ??????

  5. brandon fuster says:

    bitch you are not criss angel

  6. Nathan Alicea says:

    That’s so fake its so easy that’s not the best trick he not even mine freak

  7. Edyn Arthur-Worsop says:

    It’s propoly the best criss can do without actors or camera tricks 

  8. WJ DeastemS says:

    fucking douchebags

  9. ashuraslan says:

    You can suck Crist Angel’s Dick only facker:D hhhhhhhhhj

  10. Minecraft Adventures says:

    I thick even his shirt sayed faker :^

  11. Anoth3rify says:

    he doesnt need a name of hes own because he has the decency to leave
    retarded pepole go about their own bizznizzzz instead of making them empty
    their pockets for deceptions

  12. symbolicshadow1 says:

    why would u do something like this

  13. Firmest468 says:

    How did I get here from halo 4 glitches

  14. Gabriel Porras says:


  15. aadl talbi says:

    he is not criss angel

  16. MinecraftRomaniaShow says:

    song of start please

  17. leon scott kennedy says:

    fuck off faker! but this is funny

  18. 13sole2008 says:

    Not cris angel but it was a good trick

  19. Ansley Edge says:

    not legit

  20. Luke De jong says:

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  21. 12tothe3tothe4 says:

    your stupid…

  22. Lukas Nelsen says:

    u mad bro?

  23. Matt McPherson says:


  24. danieltulalian says:

    Whatever!,but its still hilarious stupidity!!.

  25. Ben Perrin says:

    thats what i think and i worked out his string trick he did

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