Matrix Levitation Revealed / Leaning Back Levitation Explained – Mr. Voy

January 14, 2015 by Admin  
Filed under Learning Magic Tricks A popular anti gravity leaning performance which it has been performed by several magicians, such as Cyril, Criss angel, Lu Ch…


25 Responses to “Matrix Levitation Revealed / Leaning Back Levitation Explained – Mr. Voy”
  1. FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions says:

    Dynamo walking on water FAILS:

  2. N0TS0SUBTLE says:

    Explain how Dynamo levitated in front of the Christ statue and walked on
    water and u’ll win a chicken dinner.

  3. TTTTT says:

    wow, looks pretty troll if some1 do this :) the others really think that
    he’s a magican. Can any1 tell me where can i buy this extra leg stuff or
    how can i make one at home?

  4. Ben S says:

    this is how imagined it worked. nice to see my theories are correct :-) 

  5. Hardave Dhillion says:

    please put them on and give me a video of this trick.


    Hahaaa, but some are real, , especially using demons

  7. clank ratchet says:

    Where I can buy this steel ??? Please I want this do ! 

  8. axenos2004 says:

    I do this all day long!!

  9. Antonio José Hernández Cabeza says:

    Magia o engaño, es magia lo que la mente permite creer.

  10. DekroPlay says:

    Thats correct!!! I watched the other videos again and you can See a nail or
    something like this in the ground :) Thx for this :D 

  11. Playbackjunkie says:

    This doesn’t explain how the persons back floats once their feet is up in
    the air. 

  12. Bradley Alex says:

    That was extremely boring

  13. Rafael Finta says:


  14. RollingStone30 says:

    Nice try but it’s lame. Watch Dynamo, he walked on the stage talking to
    the show host without prior arrangement and levitated and walked off the
    stage. Where would he nail the anchor, they would have seen it.

  15. HeidiSue60 says:

    clowns have been doing this for ages. Cool trick!

  16. chao sui says:


  17. Joseph Cartaya says:

    were do u get one of those Leaning Back Levitation things?

  18. Allen Harden says:

    best kept secret so far

  19. Domek Kitek says:

    Gdzie można to kupić co

  20. I will says:

    How dynamo fit it in cyment ? :| bullshits.

  21. Gary Allport says:

    This is the only way i think DYNAMO did the LEANING BACK TRICK ON THE
    SIDE-WALK. If you know better let me know please.

  22. RollingStone30 says:

    This YT shows a guy doing left and right leg levitation. No stick, no
    special shoe here.

  23. joshua tep says:

    frm the magicians

  24. Dim Sim Mann says:

    Sorry dude but the music was like really crap

  25. Felipe Facundo says:

    MJ alredy do it in moonwalk film

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