Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed Video

December 29, 2014 by Admin  
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Hey! take a look of this video how the magic tricks are actually performed.
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24 Responses to “Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed Video”
  1. Josh Fitzgerald says:

    this was a terrible performance. The way I do it is I actually stick a
    needle through my arm. don’t be a pussy. Sometimes i don’t use a needle I
    use a spear. 

  2. CanadianDinosawHeavy says:

    “So how did the magician manage to pierce his forearm and draw blood
    without inflicting serious injury”
    Because he wasnt a fucking pussy and decided to stab his arm with a needle.

  3. Mannie Nguyen says:

    OMG!! lOVE IT¡!!!!! !!!!!!

  4. Jake Nelson says:

    That mask is so creepy.

  5. says:

    Just Amazing !!!!!!!

  6. Tabitha Seatons says:

    Wtf kids are watching

  7. BulgariGaming says:


  8. MegaRussian12 says:

    Last time i saw this show was like 4 years ago. It was awesome

  9. brianna tartaglia says:

    Fudge u all these r awesome u idiots don’t even no how to do it your jelly
    I do magic like him to he CHANGED my life with magi 

  10. mcruler says:

    Lol>dota 2

  11. YoshitsuneBenkai says:

    I remember my dad telling me about this trick, only he thought he actually
    pierced the skin and did try it at home once.. xD Funny enough he decided
    that gripping the skin with his teeth was a good idea and said the teeth
    hurt more than the needle in the end..

  12. Anna G says:

    Holly crap XD 

  13. Aira Fluffles says:

    If you’re reading this comment you probably have eyes.
    Good luck.

  14. Sophie Bacon says:

    +SmashBroHD Yeah he did even doctors dint know how david blaine does it it
    goes through his arm completly

  15. vanxh neri says:

    can you change your mask? i hate it

  16. 郑无畏 says:

    Fucking stupid man showing how stupid he can be!

  17. Demiana Gobran says:


  18. Ty Mickley says:

    i loved your video i have a youtube channel to you should come check it out

  19. sahar khan says:


  20. Paul SZ says:

    This video really deserves a big like !!

  21. muthu vel says:

    Just Amazing !!!!!!!

  22. Musharraf Ashraf says:

    At starting i was like what the hell ! and at last i was like ooooo

  23. bobby engel says:

    he is creepy why dont he talk

  24. TTeMeZkii says:

    I did this in home :3 my mom didnt like it :3

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