Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Season 1 – Episode 6 Part 2/3

February 12, 2015 by Admin  
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The series is made by production company Nash Entertainment. The first four specials featured incognito magician Val Valentino as the Masked Magician, who pe…


25 Responses to “Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Season 1 – Episode 6 Part 2/3”
  1. banan copperfield says:

    Thanks for 4,000,000 views! You’re the best!
    Greetings from

  2. timsopinion says:

    No magician these days performs any of these lame tricks. This magician is
    far too reliant on his appliances and assistants. The tricks seem like they
    were invented just to sensationalize this show and maybe some kids were
    wowed by it, but I’m not. This stuff isn’t magic by any of today’s
    standards and this show is pretty fucking lame.

  3. LongrunQBJK says:

    Lol why is the narrator so perverted

  4. Alejandra Linares says:

    What channel is it on

  5. BurntDiamondz says:

    8:55 look at the last M then 8:59 then look at the last M

  6. Home Pad says:

    This is so wierd

  7. eddie lop says:

    2:06 give away the little door opens

  8. Home Pad says:


  9. Toni Don says:

    He should try to reveal some of the real tricks like street floating or
    Davids Copp. tricks, these are old and not so hard to reveal and no one
    performs them.

  10. Selasie Ganu says:
  11. Lane Smith says:

    Nice view I’m a big fan

  12. Atylerblack says:

    Magicians must hate this dude.

  13. Demonic Duck says:

    Did the magician find these women off the street, or in the narrators

  14. gamecentral418 says:

    why did they cancell this show

  15. Theo Cahill says:

    Wow the ‘m’ at the end of mom is different than on the board compared to
    the slate

  16. Fire Star 108 says:


  17. Terncote says:

    It’s one thing to reveal the tricks of the trade but to imply that other
    illusionists are really trying to defraud you by claiming to possess actual
    magical powers, is just insulting to them and to us.

  18. giovany hernandez says:

    Man all the credit should go to the makers of the boxes how to style the
    boxes all these things

  19. Louan Cloarec says:

    c trop cool

  20. dragon lee says:

    I can tell the man in the black suit is fat I know its stupid to say but I
    had to say that

  21. Griffin Tremaine says:

    The first “secret” was fucking retarded and obvious.

  22. brahim mbaye says:



    I saw the mirror 


    that ass 0_o

  25. Lucfx GambitGaming says:

    vga cam?

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