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This amazing card trick always gets great reactions! This is not a beginner trick because the sleights may be a little difficult. DECK GIVEAWAY- Please leave…
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25 Responses to “MAGICAL Card Trick REVEALED”
  1. Mismag822 - The Card Trick Teacher says:


  2. Papah Joeff says:

    So nice card trick :)
    i hope u can give me some of ur magical deck of the cards.

  3. ii Twizt says:

    sup i watch all of your videos hofle i wine the green or ornge

  4. Thomas Goble says:

    you are good man this is so cool

  5. Rahul Vaidun says:

    please give me a deck

  6. Boom Shaka laka says:

    Hey guys my friend dark proportions just started youtube and he makes magic
    videos but he really needs some support from some subscribers if you could
    subscribe to him it would mean alot and thank you for even reading all of

  7. SyFy addict says:

    that trick is so awesome ive just recently found your channnel and i think
    you’re really inspiring

  8. luke jones says:

    Hi mismag. I have seen literally all your videos I think your a great great
    teacher I really in joy watching ur vids good luck!

  9. Magic Barron says:

    Subscribe to my channel, you can un subscribe if you want. I do beginner
    card tricks, they are really good? My channel is Noah Barron. Look at it
    and SUBSCRIBE, and THX? It will help me a lot 

  10. Kara Shorhen says:

    Thank you for explaining how the trick is done, it inspires people like me
    to show their family and friends the tricks they have been working on.
    Thank you!

  11. Isaiah Spitler says:

    I love the way you show the tricks and I just sub to you !!!!

  12. William Atkinson says:

    Youre trick is amazing you are the best at majic. You should be king of all

  13. Azzim Azree says:

    Wow that amazing. Thanks for teaching me a nice tricks. You help me to be
    card magician. I like your video. Thanks again

  14. Leon Carevic says:

    Love youre vids!

  15. Jay Mainville says:

    thank you so much I really like this, I even added a part if u want u can
    give me your email and I can send u my version of this trick :) 

  16. Jacob Giannini says:

    Omg this is really good, im going to get a pack of cards and try this out
    but would love to enter for the pack of cards :) 

  17. HelloJoke PT says:

    This is hard!!! Jaja, amazing…

  18. Leo da epic man says:

    and BTW ur tricks r so hard

  19. Pat bohmer Bohmer says:

    Awesome tricks my grandsons are just fascinated by them

  20. Kaileigh Johnson says:

    amazing job bravo

  21. Neil agrawal says:

    i got it on my first try!… kinda

  22. Sim Weeks says:


  23. Halima Yasmin says:

    U r awesome and this video took me quite long to learn but I got it in the

  24. Savannah Mccoy says:

    I really like that truck it was hard at first but then I got the hang of it

  25. Anthony Trecozzi says:

    Fooled everyone that I did this to nice trick

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