Magic Trick Secret: Win The Match Drop Prank Every Time! – Scam School

December 26, 2014 by Admin  
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Magic Tricks Revealed: This simple game of skill looks completely fair, but always leaves the sucker short. Brian Brushwood lets you in on the secret of this…
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25 Responses to “Magic Trick Secret: Win The Match Drop Prank Every Time! – Scam School”
  1. 6james6DEMON6 says:

    its fun with buddys but pullin that at a bar is pretyy nerdy

  2. Jay Lockie says:

    So you challenge someone and they pick the lines your fucked…

  3. Damien Gar says:

    “bigger target easy to get in side” “dumb/drunk milf laughs” she knows
    whats big and easy to get inside ;)

  4. bob bobertson says:

    yup =P

  5. Warsrecker says:

    accually its not a stupid Question. It could be a rule that one part of the
    match has to pass the line. 3 or 4 Matches in this video only touched a
    tiny bit of the line but it didnt passed the line. so its a difference
    between on the line or only touching^^.

  6. zsafws says:

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    tutorial, professional magic perfomance, funny clips, take a look at

  7. GHostR001 says:

    I only made 4 dollars and 1 beer off of this. Still nice revenue really. I
    could make a very (SHIT) living off of this. Lol.

  8. Peetzaman says:

    Best DomainSmack Ever.

  9. unfreez says:

    He is ALWAYS wearing Fullbleed tshirts

  10. eschelar says:

    weird. I don’t know it but my gut was to go with lines… how do you stack
    that part of it?

  11. MarkBonszai says:

    what kind of question is that??? lolz

  12. Paolo Sandejas says:

    Arent they all?

  13. Fullperson says:

    lol looks like someone couldn’t cut out their snowflakes in preschool

  14. Roi Atalla says:

    omg that woman is STUPID!!!!!

  15. gundambob646 says:

    whole fuk its prager!! LOL i am so trying this scam on my friend

  16. Daaarthchris says:

    really dumb game

  17. Christian Corpi says:

    isn’t that diana the one from the “chatroullete love song”?

  18. RedFlameEnt says:

    product placement?

  19. robertainea says:


  20. Pokespwiter says:

    omg i saw brian on glutton for punish ment :D

  21. dTMGames @ Appstore says:

    She was referring to it landing completely on the line where the whole body
    of the match aligned on the line instead of a little bit touching the line.

  22. OoshDa Baby says:

    Great Scam!

  23. 6marnix6 says:

    cool =D

  24. KillerDragon114 says:

    1st Ad; 5:29 Your Welcome Thumbs Up for other people

  25. Fred C says:

    though this requires a large setup

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