Magic trick revealed, invisible chair, secret of levitation

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How magician do levitation? this video will show you how they do it. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for …


24 Responses to “Magic trick revealed, invisible chair, secret of levitation”
  1. Ozonencb says:

    *this is what people like Jesus done, and people thought he was the holy
    one! cause they could not explain it Haha!*

  2. probrojeffro says:

    If stupidity were gold, the average person would be rich. Just read the
    dumb comments here. Wow!

  3. Angelo Meloni says:

    already know the trick I found many years ago in an encyclopedia only the
    stupid Indian monkeys could believe

  4. CJ4lifeGTA says:

    ROFT this is pure comedy!!! Just lol at those people praying in front of
    the illusionist at the beginning!! Hahahah!!

  5. zoraom says:

    thank you for reveal deception or ilusion

  6. matthew nicholas says:

    and there praying over that??

  7. Cheryl Williams says:

    Why am I not surprised lol.

  8. Fernando C says:

    Indians are good at math, maybe that helped to think in these stuff

  9. henry alva says:

    Just the fact that the guy had to hold a rod to levitate was an obvious
    indication that it was fake. It’s still a cool little trick though. One
    thing i can tell you out experience, there are people who can really do
    these kind of things. I remember back in the 70′s, when the whole Uri
    Geller craze started, that there was a little 5 year old kid who lived near
    my house that could bend spoons and keys. He would just rub them between
    his fingers and they would bend. And it was real, because he bent the
    spoons and keys that anybody gave him. Everybody went to his house to see
    him do it. But once the word got out, and more and more people started
    gathering around the house to see the kid, his mom just made him stop doing
    it because she got freaked out and tired of people knocking at her door at
    all hours of the day and night. True story.

  10. Moni Phukan says:

    Many magic tricks began in India. Purpose then was not entertainment, but
    to bring in mysticism and invoke fear of the unknown -
    -and eventually to swindle. ( Well, it happens even today!)
    Many of these original Indian magic became popular in the rest of the world.
    Magic is entertainment where it baffles you. But magic has no magic in it,
    it is just a trick.
    See the video and net time somebody tries to fool you, use your logic and
    say “AHA I can see your slip”!

  11. Ernesto Miguel Sanrico says:


  12. RollingStone30 says:

    The Special Head guy on America’s got talent did it better, he didn’t plant
    the stick in advance, he just walked out on stage and up he levitated. 

  13. N2LADIES55 says:

    My penis ‘levitates’ whenever I see a sexy woman!

  14. OfficialEneme says:

    american audience are the most stupid 

  15. Dhekra Slama says:

    les gens croient aux miracles !

  16. Cullen HollowayIv says:

    this is not true people can actully do this hes just a fakeing jackass

  17. expateddie01 says:

    They are naturally born liars and scammers. What do you expect? Magic?

  18. andymillsmusic says:

    I bet Dynamos version on the bus is similar

  19. Mirza Shaji Baig says:


  20. Babul Hassan says:
  21. Dinesh Dhiyas says:


  22. Fatemeh Sayedhossein says:

    All fake

  23. jack604 says:

    haven’t they for once ever wondered ….. if he’s legit why does he need
    that stick on the side all the time XD ahahahaha 

  24. houda larissa says:

    But speacial cane is seperated from that hidden seat!

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