Magic Trick: Card Tricks Exposed: Visual Colour Change!

January 31, 2015 by Admin  
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Learn Our BRAND NEW Latest Effect For Free! What’s Up!? So in today’s video, you’re gonna be learning another performance…
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25 Responses to “Magic Trick: Card Tricks Exposed: Visual Colour Change!”
  1. Zetai says:

    She basically said “That was great, how did you do that?” and then she
    realized she asked you in vietnamese, and asked you in english, “how did
    you do that”.

  2. FreeMagicLiveVideos says:

    Another Visual Colour Change Trick you should learn to amaze people ;) !

  3. RadarorLeo says:

    Disturb reality and 52kards teach the classic pass and the spread pass 

  4. tuan nguyen says:

    she said “its so cool, youre so good” ^^

  5. Vincent Nguyen says:

    She said “That’s pretty amazing how did you do/know that?”

  6. V e lR o N i X says:

    hey guys :D im doing magic videos so check it out really awesome and i will
    sub back if you comment a video :D
    c ya

  7. Guide ToFail says:

    Yo Jay Jay love your vids, just wondering what song were u using at the
    beginning of your vids?

  8. SilverminerHD says:

    German word for no: Nein! You speak It like the english word 9 ;) 

  9. Chad Sorley- Spencer says:

    Great tutorial on how to trim your pubes! Thanks helped me

  10. Luca Di Gregorio says:

    Jay jay that’s not fair!
    The show is called FREE MAGIC LIVE and not payment magic live!
    We want the explanations free.
    Anyway u r amazing. Keep going!=-)
    Thank u!

  11. Deshanth says:

    ╠╬╬╬╣OK! WHO ATE MY

  12. Harry Menaghan says:

    Its “nine” in german love your videos btw

  13. Sumpfnudel Schlumpf says:

    NEIN! That’s German :D 

  14. Huỳnh Trung Thuận says:

    Hay qua zay it’s mean hay quá vậy in vietnamese, it’s mean that so amazing!

  15. Alexander Vo says:

    Just started uploading videos to my channel please subscribe to me im a
    magician also

  16. Don't stare at my profile pic for to long says:

    What do you call retarded cereal?
    Answer: Special K
    like if you get it 

  17. ulliuser says:

    Hey jay jay in germany “no” is “nein” and in switzerland you just say “nei”
    greetings from switzerland
    Ps. You are the coolest magician 

  18. Jorge Cano says:

    Jay Jay you’re freaking awesome man! Man you make the tricks look so easy
    and so REAL! I’m studying your moves!

  19. Pquezada22 says:

    Hey jay! Great video! Completely out of context question but where did you
    get that shirt from? Its a sick shirt!

  20. Yoav Shimon says:

    You already posted a tutorial for this your Chanel

    is going down bro I may loos it again and be creative you don’t get
    diversity in your vids they used to be better…………

  21. joey hooper says:

    Awsm man i can do alot of.card tricks thanks to u and mismag

  22. AnDuongY says:

    How are you so good, very good, how do you know that? (Somewhat broken

  23. dominykas. nezinau says:

    Good trick

  24. Tom King says:

    The performance made me laugh so much! Great trick too :) thanks Jay! :D 

  25. Pedram Habibi says:

    u can ask petey!!!
    what’s up!

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