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25 Responses to “MAGIC TRICK”
  1. RainbowCorgiProductions says:

    This was posted on my 11th bday time goes by so fast :(

  2. darissa lopez says:

    I bet Jesse made that trick by putting a peace of clear string and then
    Jeana had to hold the string.

  3. DoeDonDoe says:

    That was an awesome shot of the cat! from eye level with the go pro. The
    cat moves/etc just like a lion, which u can see from that angle.

  4. Eliza Romo says:

    Haha I love how 1d is playing in the end

  5. Ayden Baturgil says:

    Had a string

  6. Javier Diaz says:

    That crazy saan make broom sweap 

  7. Diego Ramirez says:

    Lol cookies bitch

  8. Alyssa Lintag says:

    One Direction not 5th Direction! LOL.

  9. In5aNE x Snipe says:

    Jeana had a piece of string

  10. Michelle Macias says:

    Wow !!!! It’s invisible string we’ll that’s what I think

  11. Kaylee Bowen says:

    we can

  12. ayanna Torres says:


  13. Soup Squid says:

    lol there videos are so funny

  14. Jon Marmon says:

    Jeana is holding it by a string 

  15. Landyn Bien says:

    Jeana is at the top of the step with the invisible string moving it 

  16. Katrina Sepnio says:

    Omg Jeana listen to that music?!

  17. Chris Cardenas says:

    5:47 You can see the string when he picks up the broom on his shorts. There
    are two strings attached to the broom. One at the top and another at the
    bottom. Jenna is upstairs playing as a puppeteer. 

  18. Osiel Badillo says:

    How do you do it

  19. Jared Young says:


  20. Seaworld Lai says:

    Yes no

  21. Olivia Couture says:

    you can see the string on the bottom at 5:48

  22. Soup Squid says:

    -lol magical brush

  23. Drake Nail says:

    jeana is pulling a string from the top

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  25. Soup Squid says:

    *dope fresh nation saaaaaaaaan!*

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