Magic Sandwich Bible Study Preview (with echos by accident;)

December 26, 2014 by Admin  
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i guarantee you that this will be the most hilarious “bible study” behind the curtain. NephilimFree, Equestions and i had a blast, please sub to http://www.y…
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25 Responses to “Magic Sandwich Bible Study Preview (with echos by accident;)”
  1. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheWingnuterer as i’ve commented for the vid, do your own test and let me

  2. TheHogTieChamp says:

    @ThickShades0 Fine, I’ll try… First, you’re rude and insulting — not at
    all caring. Why would anyone feel guilty for laughing at someone who is a
    jerk? Second, you are really dense — no quality conversation at all.
    “Where’s the sandwich bible? Where’s the sandwich bible??” You say the same
    things over and over again like a child. I expect you to say, “I know you
    are, but what am I?” Third, you actually miss the point of a very obvious
    joke. You missing the joke makes it even more funny!

  3. TheHogTieChamp says:

    @ThickShades0 Holy crap, you’re dense. Now I see why people laugh at you so

  4. lefayad1991 says:

    @ThickShades0 i meant spiritually

  5. Tanner Griggs says:

    @ThickShades0 hmm…well i want a….Magic Sandwich!!!

  6. AlanCFA says:

    @ThickShades0 2/2 Point #2: “irrelevant and ad hom. only show his
    heterosexuality”, is it irrelevant to his Christianity? Matthew 5:28 “But I
    say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath
    committed adultery with her already in his heart.” So he is checking out
    porn sites and thus committing adultery in his heart. Is adultery ok? If he
    thinks it is ok, why did he take down his video and edit that part? p.s. he
    chickened out when qdragon accepted his challenge

  7. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheHogTieChamp so you’ve based your salvation and decision on what others
    do? Lolz.

  8. AlanCFA says:

    @ThickShades0 “in the original hebrew, it means young adults” Three
    points: 1) Neph claims that the KJV is the true word of God and should be
    read literally. 2) The translators would know Hebrew better than
    NephilimFree. 3) Stong’s Concordance shows that qatan means diminutive:
    small or young. and na’ar meand a boy, lad, youth. So unless they were
    midgets, qatan na’ar means they were, as the KJV translators said, “little

  9. NephilimFree says:

    @Buruc The wages of sin is death Buruc. I have no interest in debating

  10. ThickShades0 says:

    @AlanCFA i’d focus on me first. meaning i suggest you to live your life
    more relevantly.

  11. TheHogTieChamp says:

    @ThickShades0 Do you see that you threw in a “lolz” in a discussion about
    someone’s salvation? In your “personal relationship with Christ,” has He
    given you any guidance about this attitude? My comment said that the
    foolishness of fellow Christians opened the gap and allowed the doubt. The
    decision was based on prayer and thought. You, on the other hand, label
    yourself “Christian,” then say, “Yay! Now I’m a ‘good person,’ so I don’t
    need to think about how act decently anymore.”

  12. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheHogTieChamp looking for the sandwich bible. have you seen one? yes or

  13. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheWingnuterer just demonstrated. you may repeat it. it’s called science.

  14. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheHogTieChamp elaborate or else you are the idiot.

  15. Philip Qua says:

    @ThickShades0 No ThickShades it is not science, you are not hold the
    pressure in the tube constant, and I know this to be fact. I tell you what,
    how about you and I design a simple testing apparatus that will hold all
    variables constant while we vary the nozzle size?

  16. ThickShades0 says:

    @Buruc Christ was passionate for the glory of our Father.

  17. will king says:

    good to here brothers get a good laugh nice post lol

  18. Philip Qua says:

    @ThickShades0, please ask NephilimFree to show the actual Math and Physics
    that supports his magic nozzle “Theory”. This means showing Bernoulli’s
    equations that demonstrates how nozzle size will increase the speed of an
    incompressible fluid given a constant head pressure (back pressure). Extra
    points if he can derive his proof from first principles of Newton Laws of
    Motion. Thanks, I’d ask Nephilim myself but he, well he blocked after ask
    him one question

  19. lefayad1991 says:

    @Buruc you have a lot more patience than I do. I should try to be more like

  20. NephilimFree says:

    @Buruc No, i do not think Christ is a seperate person. I have said they are
    one. How that can be hard for you to understand I cannot imagine.

  21. ThickShades0 says:

    @lefayad1991 then say so next time.

  22. AlanCFA says:

    @ThickShades0 1/2 “irrelevant and ad hom. only show his heterosexuality.
    anything else?” First of all, there were TWO points. He claims he does not
    lie about scripture, but he deliberately changed the language of the KJV,
    the version he says is the only true word of God from “little children” to
    a group of teenage boys. Does he not know the Bible well enough to get that
    right or was he lying? I think he knows what it says and lied to make God
    seem less brutal.

  23. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheWingnuterer watch?v=ZRp1FVQr9zo

  24. ThickShades0 says:

    @AlanCFA 1. i agree with Neph. 2. and? let’s’ say they are “kids,” if God
    doesn’t exist for you, why would it matter? 3. even so, as in #2, if God
    doesn’t exist for you, this should be irrelevant.

  25. ThickShades0 says:

    @TheWingnuterer facepalm on my own channel? lolz… try it yourself.
    remember. MAXIMUM STRENGTH. dig?

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