Magic playing card tricks Tutorial – AMAZING Card Color Changes Revealed!

March 1, 2015 by Admin  
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Magic playing cards tricks Tutorial – AMAZING Card Color Changes Revealed! card tricks Welcome channel Magic Tricks :…


25 Responses to “Magic playing card tricks Tutorial – AMAZING Card Color Changes Revealed!”
  1. Youssef Oumalek says:
  2. Youssef Oumalek says:
  3. Billy M says:

    Dude I love you man.Ive used your tricks to pick up chicks.not that it
    matters how I mean they become invested so fuckin fast and dude that first
    trick where you wave your hand over the card ive always wanted to now that
    one thanks man im defenitley a fan.

  4. enfermoliguista vdj says:

    please the tutorial for the FLOPPER CHANGE!!!! PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!!!

  5. christopher pelayo says:

    thank you buddy . dont you have any more tricks ? just reply thanks :D 

  6. Miguel Magana says:

    Hey men great turtorial!!! I really enjoyed it! It was exactly what I was
    really wanting to learn!!! Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!!! MHRHTU

  7. Bryce Taylor says:

    Great tutorial, ive never seen that last change, Ill definitely use it
    sometime, the paintbrush change is something different though

  8. ted pruitt says:

    It’s really cool I’m trying and I believe I can get better

  9. MR. DEADLY XD says:

    OMG!!thx you so much you have inspirld me

  10. SilentKiller ATM says:

    very cool! i will try them out!!

  11. Frederick Aidel says:

    Do a new video 

  12. XterioR says:

    My hand is too small…

  13. Thomas Shaw says:

    Cheers me and my mate had a trick of and that trick I learnt from you made
    me win

  14. Pablo Armas G. says:

    Great!! thanks

  15. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    i think i have the same socks as his

  16. street magic live says:

    Dude i have been looking everywhere on how to do that advanced color change
    and it doesn’t seem that hard to do, just takes a little practice. 

  17. Rana Bandyopadhyay says:

    How do you get so many visitors?

  18. alex dave says:

    cool thanks i want more practice those 3 tricks :) 

  19. Rui Shahbazi says:

    Youssef, do have any more amazing card tricks?

  20. Daimler Lopez says:

    this trick is cool.. :D wow.. I’m just a beginner and it helps me..
    thanks.. :) 

  21. Philip merrill-weaver says:

    Very good!!! Liked it.

  22. Paul Shackleton says:

    thank you for a very slow and interesting magic card trick, you explained
    it with style 

  23. mohd hammoud4 says:

    But that tutorial was very cool thank you

  24. Arishton Phemesis says:

    this is so cool

  25. NoFirstRule says:

    Great selection of color changes. When you guys are finished with the
    basics, take a look at my channel and apply the skills to hand-selected
    card illusions that I teach.

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