Magic Pants: In Half Illusion Gone Wrong!

February 15, 2015 by Admin  
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While preparing for Halloween, Magic Pants has an epic fail while cutting himself in half! The soundtrack is an original production by my buddy Rob, who comp…
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25 Responses to “Magic Pants: In Half Illusion Gone Wrong!”
  1. mustafa kılınçarslan says:

    cant find any music database on this video.
    cause playing band very good.
    i like it 

  2. Mian Hussain says:

    He just put his legs through the back of the pants means he cut his pants
    from the back and then put them! U can even do that! 

  3. LiterallyTheJoy says:

    I’m sorry, this is really stupid. You’re trying too hard.

  4. Novids says:

    thats simple!

  5. alaska3333 says:

    Nice Mach 1 in the garage!

  6. Saku Kuittinen says:

    when a video title says ‘gone wron’, usually something actually goes wrong,
    not just the actor suck at life.

  7. Ethan Pelletier says:

    Best illusion ever!

  8. McKaelyn Thigpen says:

    How did he do that

  9. McKaelyn Thigpen says:

    How did he do that

  10. Harrison Shaw says:

    Did the pizza guy really just ask if he could keep the change….

  11. supremekarate1 says:

    some guys use metal mesh for the gimmicked waist, others use styrofoam
    waist. is your styrofoam? I assume styrofoam is easier to carry.

  12. spyyder976 says:



    The box look like a coffin

  14. max's awesome vids says:

    I’ve seen it revield <-( spelled wrong ) fake!!!!!! ..

  15. illusion1134 says:

    Tutorial Please.I need it for my zombie costume prank..Thanks..

  16. dgdgfdgdgd says:

    Fake look at the body its black

  17. Lwandiso Ndzimakhwe says:

    boring and stupid

  18. Tok Chai says:

    Wow nice magic trick… can u tell me how to kill u?

  19. Brandon SwegyMeow says:


  20. M B says:

    How do they do it

  21. Brandon Santos says:


  22. Minceraft Pros says:


  23. Dan Dyman says:


  24. Jax Nean says:

    Not bad but honestly this trick is so outdated, everyone knows how it

  25. Jorge Rodríguez says:

    Very good hello from México dudé hit me back

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